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Powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think Red 10 15 to J broke its championship Sunday in the NFL playoffs three or five this afternoon John Packers, So it's in the books in the NFC championship game. Of course, it's 6 40 Chiefs take on the Bills, the beauty of his Christiane on this week's huddle talks. F C championship, Who's hotter than Buffalo? Buffalo hasn't lost since that Hail Mary play. It's just hard to go against them. And again. Buffalo stepped up this past weekend played really strong defensive football, limiting the Baltimore Ravens offense. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bills win this one later today for past current and future episodes of Huddle. Gotta w t o p dot com Winner of course, goes to Tampa for Super Bowl 55. February 7th. Eagles have hired Jonathan Gannon as their defensive coordinator. Gannon was with new head coach Nick Syriani in Indy the last three seasons to the ice caps host the Sabers at three o'clock this after Washington beat Buffalo Friday 43 in a shootout in the Caps regular season home opener. The six game home stand has the Islanders then coming to town Tuesday for Game one. To game get together should be a good one there and you have C 2 57 Dustin Poor EA defeating Colin McGregor in the second round by T. K O from Abu Dhabi. Jay Brooks Wtlv Sports. Okay, Jay and still ahead more guidance on when some students could return to

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