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Welcome to murder minute on today's episode chunky mark. But i your true crime. Headlines alexis sharkey the instagram influence. Or whose body was found on the side of texas road. Two months ago after she was reported missing died of strangulation according to the medical examiner. The harris county institute of forensic sciences revealed the cause of death on tuesday. Almost two months after the twenty six year olds nude body was found off interstate. Ten roughly seventeen miles west of downtown houston. Her death has been ruled. A homicide sharkey. Who also went by the last name. Robin alt- went missing. Just after thanksgiving sharpies. Mother said that she learned the news that her daughter was missing after receiving a phone call from her daughter's husband and her friends one friend told her quote. I ran over to her apartment. And she's not there and we were supposed to meet up. Charkhi body was found by a sanitarium worker on november. Twenty eighth just a few miles from her apartment. Sharkey who had tens of thousands of followers on instagram moved to houston shortly after she got married last january so far. Police have not made any arrests. Her mother has urged anyone who may have information to come forward quote so that this can be solved in so that she can have that justice. Police found a mother and daughter. Dead inside a home in sunnyvale. California after a man turned himself in and confessed to their murder fifty-one-year-old leonid sulaimana vici emberg. A software engineer turned himself into sunnyvale. Police wednesday telling them that he murdered his wife and officers responded to a home near homestead high school. To discover the couple's eleven year old daughter had also been killed. Youngberg showed up at sunnyvale department of public safety headquarters at two thirty four. Pm and via phone located outside the lobby because of covid nineteen protocol he told dispatchers that he was there to quote admit murder according to police officers immediately took hamburg into custody and responded to the home where his wife old spent lana nikitina and their eleven year old daughter were both found dead. Nikitina was found in the garage. The child was found in the bathroom. Both victims sustained significant head trauma nicotine. No the past decade as a resource specialist and therapist for the franklin mckinley and cupertino union school districts after obtaining a master's degree in psychology in moscow in the late nineteen nineties. According to heard linked in profile berg was arrested on suspicion of two counts of murder and was booked into the santa clara county. Main jail on thursday morning held without bail. Police said after he hamburg's initial interaction with officers. He declined further comment and requested a a team of detectives continues to work. The case and the specific cause of death remains under investigation in simpson ville south carolina. A man and woman have been charged with homicide by child abuse in connection with the death of a three-year-old child according to justin lee campbell. A spokesperson with the city of simpson. Bill thirty four year old jerry. A robinson and twenty nine year old aerial s robinson were arrested tuesday by simpson bill police according to campbell at around two twenty five pm on thursday police responded to a home on sell would circle in reference to an unresponsive juvenile victim. The victim a three year old girl was later pronounced dead after being taken to prisma hospital. She died from blunt force injuries. According to greenville county coroner parks evans. He ruled her death a homicide. If convicted the robinson's face a sentence of twenty years to life in prison. Those your true crime. Headlines up next chucky mock but first a quick break. 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