How Cameo Blew Up During Quarantine


Remember in the old days when getting attention from famous person having to wait in line for hours with pan and autograph book or stand outside a stage door in the cold hoping to steal a glance of star. Well that was then now if you wanna personalized shout out from a celebrity. There's an app for that. Actually multiple apps on cameo users can choose from around thirty thousand celebrities movie stars professional athletes even social media influencers and pay anywhere from five to a thousand dollars for short video. Shoutouts want melissa ethridge to wish your mama happy birthday. That'll be two hundred dollars. If you're looking for more affordable option. You can pay fifty dollars for an anniversary. Shoutout from bridgeton actress. Ruby barker cameo keeps twenty five percent of the cost as a commission and boy do those commissions add up the at twenty five million in revenue last year that means customers spent a hundred million dollars for celebrity shouts ceo. Stephen galanos said demand for the app increased in march after the us implemented corona virus lockdowns. Because nothing makes being stuck at home sweeter than a message from nba legend kareem abdul-jabbar four. Five hundred dollars gladys told refinery twenty nine that during the pandemic the app became the to for folks who usually get their celebrity fixes through in-person events like meet and greets and fan conventions which of course were cancelled due to covid. And if you couldn't to zoo nope problem cincinnati's famous baby. Hippo fiona could send you a video for one hundred bucks proceeds from his cameos. We should say go back to the zoo. Of course it was only a matter of time before cameo started getting the attention of a sector that relies a lot on putting content directly into the eyes and ears of consumers branding promotional cameos which rolled out last july allow companies to pay celebrities to hype up their products on film without the huge price. Tag that comes with traditional celebrity endorsements. And it's working want proof. Recently tiger king star carole baskin made three hundred dollars for filming a one minute. Cameo promoting animal pharmaceutical company zametica since the video surfaced online a few weeks ago zone has penny stocks jumped two hundred and thirty percent with more than a billion shares traded. That's a lot of medicine for a lot of cats and kittens. Another app is looking to take a swipe at cameos revenue. My fan park began as a south african start up his saturated markets in india and across africa in europe the company recently announced its fourth market expansion into the us like cameo. My fan park allows users to connect with around twenty five hundred celebrities with the added option of extended one to one virtual meetings. Yes if you've ever wanted thirty minutes of executive coaching from moreau for example you can make that happen for two hundred fifty bucks. The gap between celebrities and fans just keeps getting narrower. And that's good news for cameo in my fan par now. If only i could find a way for my teenager to want to wish me a happy birthday for free. Come on parents. You know how that is

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