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News. Now checking KSFO traffic in Alamo 6 80 North pounded stone Belly road. The onramp is blocked by a car that crashed. Into the sound wall on the shoulder, a disabled vehicle, causing problems in Nevada on Highway 37 East Bounded Harbor drive. It's partially blocking the roadway. Unclear what Lane That may be in San Jose north bound 87, just south of Taylor, some traffic cones and other construction materials in the slow lane, causing some challenges. Right now, the report of a fire This is in Oakland on 80 westbound just west of the Richmond Park way. Looks like it's probably off the shoulder. No details from the CHP right at this moment with Canseco. Traffic I'm Mel Baker. The following show is paid for by peak Financial Freedom Group LLC. The views, opinions and beliefs expressed oh those of Peak Financial Freedom Group LLC and don't necessarily reflect those of the staff management ownership of KGO ksfo, cumulus media or other partners. The following program is a paid promotion sponsored by Peak Financial Freedom Group. Welcome to the peak financial freedom, our with Jim files and then Ahmed, a peak financial freedom group. Way know many of the issues you're facing retirement don't have a black

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