On both games, and I don't know We're going to see that so much in the Super Bowl.


We'll talk more about that. And also Matthew Stafford, now The Lions and Stafford's people have decided to part with breaking up mutually part ways. Is there any chance that the Lions would make a trade with the Bears for Matthew Stafford, and you want him? Right? And if you do want to what would you give up? What is pace should pace beyond the phone with the Lions. Who should he be offering tomorrow? What he What should he be offering for Stafford? Now, Stafford and falls or both. 32 years old. They're different Quarterback. Yes, they are. Yeah, one day go to the Super Bowl, but he's not really consistent performer. Stafford has been pretty consistent in not such a great situation. 3123323776 is Matthew Stafford, a guy you'd love to see quarterback and the Bears. And do you think there's any possible way the Lions would trade The Bears in the same division that have to face him twice a season. 3123323776 you can get to me on Twitter and Fred underscores you dinner him and Xander Rocker. All one word one are in the middle. We also have a couple of poles up there on ESPN at ESPN. 1000 on Twitter will talk about those We come back at ESPN 1000. Fred and Xander on Chicago's home for Sports. ESPN 1000 the UFC is most notorious

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