Watching the pandemic response means he'll be the on Lee president


President of the United States, I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together. The view of his predecessor, Barack Obama was different the economic damage he inflicted by Watching the pandemic response means he'll be the on Lee president since Herbert Hoover toe actually lose jobs. Herbert Hoover. That's a long time ago. But how well experts evaluate the last four years. Is it possible to do so Just days after his term ended, one presidential scholar says Yes. Generally, we've been able to do that, because in the four years of the president's been in office, we're constantly comparing what he's done to other president Dr. Shirley Anne Warshaw of Gettysburg College, is the director of the Fielding Center for Presidential Leadership Study. She explains what makes a great president? What did this president do? That was impact society. Did he help with war on pop? Eddie French in stir people out of poverty, better levels that people have better housing that transportation network better. We have a strong relationship with our allies around the world. When it comes to Donald Trump's four years at office, she says, all of these things or impact society, and there are very, very few that Donald Trump can say that he did. Instead, in the words of a B C's chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl Between his tumultuous first moments and his disastrous final days, Donald Trump treated the presidency like the World's greatest reality TV show and commanded the world's attention along the way when scholars write his history. The first thing they're going to say is Donald Trump. The only president was impeached twice during his term in office. But that's the most important thing. But the reason he was impeached twice has to do with clearly what happened on January 6. That's the day President. Trump, speaking in the shadow of the White House, urged on a crowd of his supporters as he refused to accept his loss to Joe Biden. We will never give up.

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