Unmasking a Killer

We Saw the Devil


Let's just start with a recap so far. We have covered. How him hubs best friend. Betsy furrier ended up murdered with fifty five stab wounds. Only five days after making pam hop her life insurance beneficiary. That's free is husband. Russ was tried for her murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after spending almost four years in prison. He successfully appealed for a new trial and was acquitted of all charges. I discussed the corruption ineptitude and basically the overall nefarious -ness of the police and prosecution when it came to his case. I mean seriously guys if there is this case doesn't make your blood boil. I don't even know what to tell you. I don't know what well it is trifling because this case is so complex with multiple ongoing arcs. We are actually going to backtrack a little bit for part three back to rest free first trial. If you recall right before russ's first trial which began on november eighteenth. Twenty thirteen police. Investigators interviewed pam multiple times. Because obviously she was the last person to see. Betsy makes sense. Police were aware of the life insurance policy change and questioned her about it a couple times. She was always immediately defensive and she ended up bringing up her mother. Shirley newman using her almost as defense as to why she had no motive for money. So here's a clip of pam hop from a july of twenty thirteen pretrial interview with police to moscow. My mom got an accident in and home. I really hate to say it wanted mind. My were half a million that i get when she dies. My mom is dementia. Doesn't have the time now. I am ledge person. But if i really wanted money wasn't easier way than trying to combat somebody gets saying shirley newman pam seventy eight year. Old mother died just four months after this interview on october. Thirty first of two thousand thirteen evening. Just two and a half weeks before russ ferreira's first trial. She had fallen off the railing from her third floor. Apartment in an upscale gated assisted living facility. There had been no witnesses and police deemed it an accident. Let's break down what happened. Shirley's husband and pam's father died in the year. Two thousand when she became unable to care for herself pam and her three siblings work together to get surely into the lake view. Park independent senior living community in fenton missouri. Pam would frequently visit her during the day on october. Twenty ninth twenty. Thirteen surely had a doctor's appointment pam transported her to the appointment and then surely spent the night at her house. Spending time with pam's family the next day. Roughly five pm pam and shirley arrived back at lake park pam instructed the facility staff not to expect her mom for either dinner or breakfast. She then left the next day on halloween at two thirty pm a housekeeper through surely newman dead. Underneath her third-floor balcony there was damage to the railing and she had fallen to her death after two police investigations. The saint louis county medical examiner's office deemed shirley newman's death as an accident. Shirley had died from blunt trauma to the chest from the fall and the medical examiner also found point eight four micrograms of zoll padam generic ambien in her blood. That's more than eight times. What someone her age and size should be taking but still it was ruled an accident. Even though a structural engineer said that there was absolutely zero away zero way. A woman of shirley newman's weight and height could've damage the six individual pieces of railing. Pam hop was the last person to see shirley alive. Yes she was never interviewed her siblings however had been even though they weren't even local to the area or present and hadn't seen their mother in quite a while in his first trial russ was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Just a few weeks later. Shirley newman's death and pam's presence was never investigated and never considered moving on to january twenty fourteen as we talked about in part to the saint. Louis dispatch in k. t. v. I began a deep dive investigation into betsy for his death. Right after ross was initially convicted

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