Apache Stronghold files appeal as Oak Flat land swap scheduled to take place in March


This is national native news. I'm antonio gonzalez a prosecutor in northern california's going after five indigenous activists who toppled the statue of sarah last year in protest of the catholic mission systems. Founder they all face. Felony charges but community groups are calling for the charges to be dropped christina honest reports. They're called the indigenous peoples day five. The group of indigenous women and two spirit activists are charged with felony vandalism toppling. A statue of unique perot sarah on indigenous peoples day. Twenty twenty right out front of the mission san rafael in marin county california carina gold is leader of the confederated villages of luzon aloni one of the tribes and slaved into the mission system. Unique perot sarah founded. She's calling for the charges to be dropped. Our tribal people have been the objects of genocide here in california by the catholic church since the inception of california the hippo sarah. The statue that was taken down in october is a A symbol to california native people and to many other indigenous people about the genocide that happened on our lands when the catholic church. I came here despite the catholic churches history of genocide against native americans. Some of its members demanded. Marin county's district attorney at a hate crimes charge against the activists but more than fifty community groups and seventy five thousand petition signatories are demanding. The charges be dropped. Noting the nationwide reckoning with symbols of oppression. I'm christina honest reporting from san rafael california for national native news. A nonprofit advocating for the protection of oak flat. A sacred site in arizona is appealing a federal judges decision to not temporarily blocked the project that will turn the land into a copper mine and gibson from arizona. Public media has more than nonprofit apache stronghold is one of a few groups that sued to stop a congressionally mandated. Land swap of us forest service land which includes oak flat to resolution copper. A subsidiary of international copper company's attorney. Luca goodrich is representing apache stronghold in the appeal. He says the federal government plans to transfer the land on march. Eleventh of the government has actually destroying a centuries-old sacred site and making their religious practices. They're impossible and so. This is actually really an easy case. When it comes to finding a substantial burden on religious exercise their challenging the judge's order that said the land swap wouldn't be a substantial burden on the apache people's religious practice among other things. Goodrich says he expects the courts rule before the march deadline for national native news. I'm emma gibson. The national congress of american indians winter session kicks off this week. Which is being held virtually. Ncaa president fon sharp delivers the state of indian nations address. Monday tribal leaders throughout the week. We'll interact with federal officials white house representatives and us lawmakers tribal leaders are laying out priorities for the air and developing plans to work with the biden administration and congress cove in nineteen and the confirmation hearing for pollen for interior secretary are among top agenda items the likud ray-ban defoe gibb way in wisconsin is holding mass covid nineteen vaccination events planned for the next seven wins days the tribes clinic vaccinated more than two hundred community members at its first event last week. The vaccines are open to eligible tribal members. Eighteen years old andover. I'm antonio

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