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The venezuelan government tells the eu delegation to caracas to leave the country immediately tensions flare up between france and pakistan over recent bill a cemetery collapses in genoa sending over two hundred bodies into the ocean and a dog is born with six legs for the first time in history. This is the world at large. We are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone and to keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody you walk to another episode of the world that large and you know josh. What's cooler than six legged on me. That's correct i know. I'm not as close you ian. Oh consent myself that you didn't need the little ego boost hurt enfolds tacos twice in a row so cool. You heard it here. I i know i you. I mentioned tacos mentioned tacos. Well no real reason actually. It's just interesting to think about is just that cool but anyway let's jump into stories of today because we have a lot of we're going to start over in south america in venezuela of because there's always stuff going on there but it's it's getting pretty bad because whore hey rate are as the head of the venezuelan. Foreign ministry has announced that the head of the delegation to caracas officially has seventy two hours to leave the country. So whoa whoa whoa. Whoa of that seems unprecedented. Why does the you have to leave the country. What did they do this time. Did they salt the government. Did they say that. Venezuela's in north. America south america. I mean there's all these things. I take them off so celtic exactly. I don't know so let. Let's see exactly what it is. Well this something happened on monday and on monday what happened. Was that the european union. They held vote in the parliament. Of course you can't just do this. You gotta hold a vote. I'm past and this was to impose sanctions against nineteen officials in the venezuelan government Which is which would actually bring the tally up to fifty five people would. So it's up there. A lot of politicians are getting sanctioned Which is pretty interesting. That you sanction. A person i leaves was joking with ian about being able sanctioned him. But i guess you actually can do that. Somebody's been listening to too much of the world at large giving bad ideas pretty cool. Look what what does it mean to sanction someone well. I got clarify. Because i was interested in what this means. Is that a you are. You have your assets frozen so if you have overseas investments you don't get that anymore no no no you. You can't travel anymore so you better like the nice resorts in caracas. Because that's all you get access to. You'll get to go to europe you go anymore because you're sanctioned so you're on the no fly list essentially And so what why they were. Actually sanctioned is because the european union said in. This is just what they're saying. They're saying that. Venezuela is comedic human rights violations the corrupted democracy. They're just they're not being a great country that speak really bad and we don't lie very bad people on on this show. So that's a half dimension the eu does not like it either. Because should this be true. Then that is why does that. That is the justification for why they're doing this. Obviously the menace wayland government finds this outrageous. It do not think you're cropping democracy. They don't think they're committing human rights violations early sales say they are. What's going on inside the country. I don't know maybe they're hiding it up. Maybe there may be countries everywhere in the world. That are hiding stuff up. I don't know what's happening in there. But this is what the is saying. And well let's see what they set specifically the european union actually statement. They set this an quote. The individuals added to the list are responsible notably for undermining the opposition's electoral rights in the democratic funding of the national assembly and for serious violations of human rights in restrictions on fundamental freedoms. These measures are not supposed to adverse cute not supposed to have adverse humanitarian effects or unintended consequences for the venezuelan population and can be reversed so what they're saying is if this starts actually damage. The people are not just the politicians but that's why That that we can. We can always take sanctions back. That's why the us sanctioning a politician specifically because they don't want it to affect the people just they don't want the the officials to be able to travel in. They want to freeze their assets. Better than that. He's the same thing as always people you keep you keep living your life until the you. Furthermore said that these sanctions are being implemented due to what was perceived to be rigging elections by top officials. So what elections. To be written were there for the venezuelan government to rig. Well interesting question. There were elections held in december and that was of twenty twenty and european leaders say that those elections are the ones that were rid of they were in favor of the current president of venezuela nicholas maduro and so the venezuelan national assembly which is not under the control of medeiros party when the elections happened ended up going into the control of nicholas maduro soaks in an overwhelmingly to took took large swaths of it barely any opposition left in there and the reason that this is important is because besides the fact that it was the only part of the government that wasn't under control axes a body elected by the people. So if if this was the part that was rigged than that's why the european is getting all mac saying well now you're directly infringing on the voice of the people to put people into the only office swallow that's elected through direct democracy and also. The national assembly has the ability to veto leads. Slated pass by the president if it's and which which would mean that it check drills power but now that he controls that now. This political party controls that he controls all of venezuela's we could just have a fun time anywhere he wants. And that is that the pretty much reason why everyone's mad because bids It's it's it's like the house in. The united states is directly elected by the people so you fringe fringe on the very basic premise of democracy again. The venezuelan government denies that they're doing this And so yeah. The socialist party now is all this control so the eu as well as the united states actually have condemned this they. They called it. They called all of this rig. They said venezuelans being very bad country. And that we're not gonna lift the sanctions unless unless you start to comply with international law the the european union although they still pledge your support for hong guido although not as much recently They they want him to become the interim government inside of caracas. not madero state don't like him In so that is why. Madeira was presenting the seventy two hour deadline. That's why they had because that's the actual story of today's that the eu delegation has to leave the head of it at least has to leave the country within seventy two hours. Enlisted just gonna make you very angry. Because they don't like being told that they're diplomats should leave other countries. Ask me why. I don't know And so what what the venice so the venezuelan government i'm said this specifically Under why will enter like when they expelled. That you dealt delegations they said this. We're doing this. Because the circumstances demand it is unacceptable. That i'll leave you with that. That that's what's happening right now guys in venezuela and it's pretty big story although i haven't seen it as much as you'd think it would be covered but we covered it so we're we're the good guys here and so i definitely we're gonna move on now a huge story and this. This guy is a very big story. Because pakistan and at france are there tensions between those two countries despite them being thousands and thousands of kilometers slash miles apart. They are they're just going at it. I mean it's it's getting pretty bad life. You'll see what i'm talking about so a few weeks ago. We discussed the bill. That france passed in which they believe will counter religious extremism. I'm within this bill. The french government for example pass a certain number of new powers for south gave itself a lot more of an ability to counter religious extremism that includes the ability to oversee mosques more so funding that's coming the funding. That's coming into the mosques. If it's over ten thousand dollars the french government is able to kind of figure out where it's coming from in there and there's a lot of stuff's actually wanted more in depth breakdown of that you go to our our recent podcast episode called holly boob very professional saudi name. I wonder who came up with that one. I wonder it's a good episode. One of our most listened to episodes is it. It's pretty cool. You guys really like that. I don't know why you clicked on it. Go listen to holly boop. It's amazing such pigs and while it may sound like an inappropriate name. We do break down the bill of accounting related extreme extremism in great detail. So if you if you don't remember it you go back and listen to before you actually hear this story. But anyways french government gave themselves powers. Now we finally get to hear reaction to that by the pakistani government and then franchise reaction to that reaction and let me just say are very negative. They weren't happy. So let's start off with the pakistani president. Arief was because he Dot like what people at salt islam. He thought that this bill was an infringement

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