Charges filed against Seattle firefighter for allegedly sending threatening emails


Developing. Tonight. A Seattle firefighter is now charged with identity theft and cyberstalking for threatening emails that were sent to City Council member shamans who want new court documents revealed. So what was the only person targeted in this case comes call Miller Live tonight to break down all the new details, Cole Pressing. According to this probable cause certification, that firefighter hacked his coworkers email and used it to send those messages. These papers also go on to say that he and that co worker had a bad history together. That he wanted to get him in trouble. Long Fourth Avenue Fire Station, two in Belltown, and, according to these charging documents of problem had been heating up within its walls. It's were Andrew Finn Seth seen in this 2019 video when he was named firefighter of the year. I'm honored, also humbled a to this experience, is accused of having unlawfully accessed his fellow firefighters City of Seattle email address and then sent City Council member shamans to want threatening emails from it. Get out of this city or else demanding she resigned. Investigators say Finn set sent six emails in all, hoping to see his coworker punished by his chain of command and held accountable for something. Two of those emails were to an S F D supervisor trying to get that co worker transferred. They all traced back to Finn Sess I P addresses. We have an advantage in a wide variety of cases. Now we're ghosts of crime type to be able to look at digital evidence, certainly something that we rely on in court arguments. Finn's death who was arrested last week, just outside of the station. Is now facing one charge of identity theft and to charges of cyber stalking because of who's involved will review cases the same way across the board to watch how much he is. According to these documents, fins that told investigators he had no intention of physically hurting or harming so on. He'll be back in court for arraignment on March 3rd

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