Cameras on Mars

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Behind the ideas that shave our future. The moore's twenty twenty rover contains an armada of imaging equipment from wide angle landscape cameras to narrow angle high resolution zoom lenses. But the cameras aren't just there to capture pretty pictures. Some of the cameras will help perseverance. Carry out its tasks as a robotic geologist looking for organic compounds could be related to pass life on mars. Other cameras will work together to acquire panoramic three d data that support route planning robotic arm operations and trilling working in tandem. Cameras will provide complementary views of the terrain to safeguard the rover against getting lost or crashing into unexpected obstacles and the cameras will be used by software enabling the rover to perform self driving over the martian to terrain to ensure the equipment is calibrated for resolution and geometric accuracy. Every camera on the rover must undergo an eye exam before launch so when those visionary science instruments begin capturing images on mars it will truly be an eye opening experience for all

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