The Case Of The Dead Fortune Teller

Sword and Scale


On april of nineteen. Seventy five the. Us army pulled out of the vietnam war as the capital city of saigon fell to the socialist people's army of vietnam in the days prior and the days and weeks following the fall of saigon the. Us military accused several operations aimed at evacuating refugees. Fleeing the communist government operation baby lift evacuated over three thousand three hundred children and the operation. Frequent wind rescued more than seven thousand vietnamese operation. New life and new arrivals saw these refugees processed in guam before being transported to a few army bases across the united states. One of which was camp pendleton in orange county california all in all orange county slowly assimilated thousands of vietnamese thirty years later in two thousand five that influx of vietnam refugees successfully transformed a stretch of strawberry fields and salvage yards in westminster calif into something more familiar. The area is now known as little saigon. Little saigon in westminster california is the largest vietnamese population outside of saigon. A a result of that There are often street signs in little saigon that are in vietnamese businesses. Use silage in vietnamese. It almost gives you the feeling of being in vietnam but you're in california as a result of that. There is a large presence of cultural traditions in little saigon. The cafes are popular karaoke bars. All kinds of ethnic foods and things like dad can easily found in little saigon. This a place where people from the vietnamese community can gather and talk and there's a sense of community there. This is sonia but yesterday my name is sonia. Chief deputy district attorney at santa barbara. Da's office a decade ago. I worked at the orange. County district attorney's office vietnamese in orange county brought with them to the united states. The kind of determination that only comes with the suffering and adversity that they had endured but also they brought their culture their food and their superstitions one major aspect of the vietnamese culture is what some in the us might consider a novelty pastime. Fortune telling to the vietnamese is serious business deeply rooted in their cultural history. Community members will consult fortune tellers for all sorts of reasons like making sure their businesses are properly situated for the flow of good energy to ward off evil spirits and haunted souls with rituals and spells to diagnose supernatural causes of illness establishing lucky dates for personal undertakings and to predict the future of wealth. Health and love. Then two thousand five. One of the most popular fortune tellers in little saigon was haas smith who went by the name. Jade i say was because in april of that year. She was found murdered in the home she shared with her daughter. Anita vo anita's ex-boyfriend young tran would visit regularly. Bringing coffee and snacks. In an attempt to rekindle their relationship him in anita had been dating for a period of time and very young love and as such can be kinda volatile times deterrent in the sense of It wasn't a serious romance at least it wasn't for anita but there was a real friendship there so i think that in his efforts to not only lure her back but general friendship and carrying it would not be unusual for him to share a meal. Bring over some coffee or just talk to her on a regular basis even if they were not quote unquote boyfriend and girlfriend. So happens is young. Tran goes and delivers coffee and biscuits and he leaves it in the front door area of the home he never enters

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