Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066


The day was february nineteenth. Nineteen forty two after the japanese bombed pearl harbor a couple of months earlier. The citizens and government of the united states became frantic. They were increasingly distrustful of the mini japanese immigrants in citizens in the country believing they couldn't be trusted to remain loyal to the us over japan. In many people's minds people of japanese descent were threat to national safety and security as a result president. Franklin delano roosevelt signed executive order. Ninety sixty six. Arthur is the secretary of war military commanders to set up military zones that anybody to be evacuated from the executive order was framed as a measure necessary to protect national security during wartime since the country was now vulnerable to attack. But what the order actually did was take advantage of the public's escalating fears of japanese americans involvement in the war and use it to put them in concentration camps. The passing of executive order ninety sixty six was largely precipitated by the bombing of pearl harbor but resentment of foreign nationals japanese immigrants in particular had already been growing steadily by the time. Fdr signed executive order before the nineteenth century. Japan didn't want much to do with europe or its colonies but by the eighteen hundreds japan had begun trading with the united states and japanese. People were immigrating to the us and other places as temporary laborers at the same time. The us was barring other asian nationals from entering the country the chinese exclusion act passed in eighteen eighty two banned immigration from china to the us and prohibited chinese people in the us from becoming citizens the law partly had to do with the high unemployment and low wages in the us which were blamed on chinese laborers but it also had to do with prejudices white americans had against chinese people. All of this is to say that there was a precedent for immigration from asia. By the time the us government began placing limits on the number of japanese people that could come to the us and in nineteen twenty four. The government passed the johnson. Reed act which set immigration quotas and effectively cut off the stream of japanese people immigrating to the states. People who moved to the us from japan could it become citizens although children born to japanese people in the us received birthright citizenship. Even so most of the japanese people who moved to the us settled on the west coast or in hawaii building up their own communities with their own schools and businesses and a lot of these communities. Were doing well. But when the japanese bombed pearl harbor in nineteen forty one in the hopes of destroying us military forces in the pacific. The us was compelled to enter world war two after years of try to avoid being hands on in the conflict. At first there were appeals for people to remain calm but soon enough the government began targeting thousands of foreign nationals who it believed to be a threat. Many of the people who the government considered enemy aliens had done. Nothing that would legitimately earned him the label of enemy regardless they were still sent to camps jails and prisons under suspicions of espionage sabotage and any other activities that could aid to pay in the war and as more people were locked up as the media amplified false reports of japanese threats and as actual japanese military threats posed. The public grew more fearful of japanese people

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