Can You Explain (MM #3616)

The Mason Minute


The with kevin mason. Here's a weird one. I was pondering the other night had to go run an errand so instead of just pulling up spotify or my sirius. Xm or the car radio. I decided to plug in my plex server my old items music library if you will which runs bluetooth can run through my car. I can listen to all of my music collection and an album popped up from the nineteen eighties by one of my favorite bands that i hadn't listened to in years. It wasn't a hit album. It wasn't a big album but the songs came on and i started singing along with them. I couldn't tell you the titles of the songs. But i knew every line every lyric every word so i ask why. We have the ability to sing lyrics to songs that we haven't listened to in forty years. It's amazing those little strange things that just stick in the back of your mind that you can hold onto and you don't understand why it's very strange to me that we can remember those weird to song lyrics or even stranger trivia but can't remember sometimes the important things in life. I know it's not serious and no. I didn't forget valentine's day. Just one of those things i ponder. Can you explain that to me.

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