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Hello everyone and welcome back to the airport you destination. All the latest goings on with the british royal family catching my breath has been quite straps in you. Ready to go. Oh we are so ready for this. This is what royal reporters do. These are the weeks where it all seems to happen. Exactly some some weeks. We have definitely struggled for content on this show during lockdown tanneries. But we started this week in factor not more than forty eight hours after the last episode went out with the incredible news that harry and meghan are expecting their second child will have all the details of their announcement later in the show including confirmation by the palace in statement that they will not be returning to their oil roles of course when they left almost a year ago they said that this would be a one year transition period that that would be a review at the end of it. We would see where everyone was feeling at that time. And harry and meghan have made their intentions very clear that their new life is exactly what they want to be. So we'll have all the details from that's including words from the palace. But before i think we get into any thoughts. There are a few important stories. Get through include philip. Nine thousand nine was taken into hospital. The king edward the seventh hospital in london. This was tuesday evening. They do say it's not a cause for concern that his admission was a precautionary measure. It's just on the advice of the royal doctor visiting him after he felt unwell but we have just passed night number three f- estate the hospital and he is still remaining there at least for the rest of today. Nowhere from the palace. He's feeling but sources close to the site. he's in good spirits despite everything. Yeah i think we all wish. There were more updates. I know. abc we follow it really close as a huge news story to have a prince philip in the hospital especially at the age of ninety nine just a few months away from his one hundredth birthday and we want information. But you know the palace has been very clear. They're not going to be providing unlimited update. There's no running commentary going on and so we're kind of just waiting to hear about how he's doing and there's been a huge Media a setup right outside the hospital and the video has been up old people you know again or are waiting for these updates but Right now we know that you know. Hopefully things are going. Okay and i think at this point. Everyone wishes him well again. you know. ninety nine is Well it's it's quite a good age. Oh maybe we should all hope to live such a long full life but even still with a long full life you think of the people that know still love them and i always think of the spouse and so right now. How is the queen doing because you know her. Her husband of of decades is in the hospital and Have your life partner like that potentially not doing well i just. I can't even imagine it must be so so difficult. So we're hoping for the best and clearly thinking of his family. Undock family is being kept in the loop including harry and meghan overseas. And of course the cambridge's in norfolk now. The palace have given some details justice. I guess worries to rest. They said that this illness is not covid. Nineteen related and they actually traveled to all missile by himself. With of course with an escorts. It wasn't an emergency admission. I think that's important to underline. He actually walk into the hospital. Aided which is always a good sign. I think the royal family liked to often put on a brave front. That sort of a stiff upper lip comes into play at times like this. And we've had that. Philip really doesn't wanna fuss about this and that he is in good spirits and i think as as predictable as that lying can be from the pilots that sometimes reassuring to hear because i think that if this was a most severe situation we'd be hearing about it and speaking of kobe knew also point to say that earlier A few weeks ago. Both the queen and philip did receive their covert vaccines in the palace announced that information and so we at least know he has some protection Which is always good to know right now especially when he's in the hospital so we'll see what happens but again. I can't live with just a few months until his one hundredth birthday. And so i. I would much rather be planning a big birthday celebration. But we're not. We're not far away from it. You know the policy when they announced the co. i took round of covid. Vaccinations for the queen and prince philip. They always said that they wouldn't go into details of when they're receiving second jobs or which of the many vaccines available that actually received. Now i know a lot of people in our age bracket received that second vaccinations so one could expect that both agreement. Phillip have had both of those. By now. Which i'm sure for family members is again it's extra-base of confidence for an elderly family member going into hospital. That such a vulnerable time speaking vaccinations. We saw charles and camilla outs in birmingham. This week for in person engagement new zoom calls incites visiting the queen elizabeth hospital there to thank people that took part in the clinical trials for covid nineteen vaccinations and meet their healthcare staff currently receiving their immunizations. We've seen. I think the royals really side by side with those on the frontline. Making sure that the spotlight is always on the work that they're doing and i think that for them. It was very important to actually be out there with them.

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