How Hayley Williams To Do List Became Her Album Title


Paramore's hayley williams just unleashed her second. Solo album called flowers for vases. This consoles which like her lyrics is quite poetic. Haley tells american songwriter last fall. She realized it was time to do a deep cleaning emotionally and quite literally so she tied up her place and as she did so she threw away some dead flowers which she loves leaving her bases empty as she was headed out to the grocery store at the bottom of her shopping list below oat milk and granola. She jotted down flowers for vases much later as she was sorting through a stack of paper. She saw those words shutting out the magazine. It had this way to it. It signified a time to put new life in these vessels and carry that forward instead of carrying around these little skeletons of flowers and thus an album title was born flowers for vases. this consoles is out. now

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