State Dept. Moves to Ease Restrictions on Meeting With Taiwan Officials


The decision by the United States to listen long standing restrictions on contacts between US officials on that Taiwanese counterparts, the U. S secretary of state might compare said the rules were introduced decades ago to appease the communist regime in Beijing in his words, but we're no longer needed as Taiwan was a reliable partner, the time of his government's corded an end to decades of discrimination. China claims Taiwan is its own territory, and tensions over the island status have been rising recently. So how seriously is the announcement likely to be taken in Beijing? Victor Gala is a former diplomat and vice president of the Center for China and Globalization. In Beijing. I think the Chinese government and the Chinese people will be very angry about this decision made in the last 10 days, also off the Trump administration secretary off state Pompeo is really doing at this service to the American people because he should have done his homework. He should know that 41 years ago, the United States actually stationed the troops in Taiwan, the United States actually had a defense treaty with Taiwan. And the United States. Actually had that this diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It is not in order to appease the mainland Chinese government It is really out off the interest off establishing China US relations that the United States decided to sever. The diplomatic relations with Taiwan, withdrew all the American troops from Taiwan and negated the you as Taiwan Defense Treaty. This is the reality and all the U. S government's ever since then strictly abide by the commitments made under the normalization of relations between China and the United States now What Pompeo or the State Department or the Trump administration is doing right now is not going to work because they cannot have the cake and eat it. If they recognize the People's Republic of China as the sole legal representative of China, then they cannot have all these kind off official relations with Taiwan because otherwise they may push China beyond the point of no return, and China is ready to unify with Taiwan at any cost. Small means preferreds all by non peaceful means, If it is necessary, so you see, it is a deliberate provocation in the in the dying days of the Trump administration to you. Yes, I do see that, And also it's a deliberate setting up of a blockade for the Biden administration. Such attempt is not fair for the Biden administration because they are coming into the White House in about 10 Day is this kind of decision should be left for the new administration to think over rather than, for example, Pompeo and the State Department in the last 10 days, or the Trump Administration, which has revealed its true color as anti constitution on Typhoon. Lamento rule of law in the United States to play with fire doesn't make that much difference in practice them and it's hardly it's not exactly diplomatic recognition, is it? Well, I think Pompeo and Mr Alien warning Taiwan are keeping pushing the edge of the M robe in the wrong direction, and there will be a point off no return. And I think if China tolerates this, and if China turns a blind eye to this, they're more him or dangerous maneuvers may happen. Therefore, I think people will urge the Chinese government to declare Secretary Pompeo and Persona non grata before he leaves his position as the secretary of state. This will be the first time China ever will ever declare an incumbent secretary of state of the United States as a person a non grata, but at least it serves to convey the message that China cannot tolerate such one term. Willful violation of all the U. S government's commitments since the normalization of relations between China and the United States in 1979. The

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