A highlight from S2E83: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/08/21 | Comedian Marshall Brandon


Is not that. It's not that a good looking bra that i'm bored. It's just that i'm sharing the show. And i'm trying to say good morning. Everyone to because of into chabrol everybody a knox online. We start the show yet. He called in. And you'll appreciate you bro. Because he was like yo. You look boy now. I'm not. I'm on my phone just trying to share the show on the field. Good friday now. That was up man. I mean. I know but not appreciate that because you know you call it. They man like he's while she's sitting there doing nothing. You look alike. You was cooking. I look like i need a friend. Like it's like i lost my last frendo without doing is i'm just trying. You know. get all this stuff together in here. And then i'm trying to share the show and sometimes you gotta ask permission to certain people to share the show too so i was doing that to get out the way before you know cindy came in now. I understand minute twenty twenty one and you know and twenty twenty one. We need we need. We need all of us to be together for twenty twenty one. That's all that me. Some children last night everybody but knocks on the phone before we start the show. We ain't even building what's up plant play. But did you make jill. You buy it from the store. We're selling chili. I i went to nine. Oh oh you make homemade diners of like diners in the bronx in new city. A way different from the diana zion. Pennsylvania like like the our. No because i don't be eighty like like the diet is in new yorker turned up. You know what. I mean last crazy. It's crazy they got. They got off. They got a soul food place and it's mexican people cooking the food but exactly that's new york city for you. Do you do know you never know that that mexico folks could cook soul food better than black folks. Yes yes let me tell you something. That's facts and that's it like us us black folks we need to step up man. You got mexicans cooking your food better than you and it tastes good. Chinese restaurant like two days ago and it was mexicans. Ain't cooking jig. You ought to chinese was. There's no but spanish. People cooking chinese russian and chinese restaurant city. This is crazy this. Kobe got everybody. But everybody gotta stay on the grind. Folks can't make that food like they used to. They got these. Two port lays out here and all corporate stuff. You know what i'm saying. So mexicans they gotta step up and make other food and they make it well. That's a fact of data. Only ones that go outside during the everybody else stands fat. So you can't money. Are you serious right now to the show. We didn't even start. We jagan is chomping at the mexican folks. I wish i had half the hustle of these guys got mexican and meet like that. But i'm just saying like how to i me. Have you ever dated. A mexican woman dated a mexican for i have one. I went down to The economy's showdown in a san antonio texas right before we start the show and we'll play music or we play a feature music by young. Y'all coming around. We didn't start a benach. Sauna phone everybody but not gonna build it. What's up a matter of fact rob state saying we interviewed them yesterday and he was showing you so much love anyway anyway. That's what they call will cine. We didn't start. Yeah just but on phone bug. Give me a row so much love yesterday. I was in san antonio. You're not completed you. You're not gonna believe this. All the mexicans and san antonio texas was over six feet tall and they had crazy swag and they were dating all the white and black women and the white guys would the delivery drivers for the food. I'm not making this up. I'm and sort of lies. I get the free food and the mexican delivered to me but but in texas. There's a city there's a different class of mexicans. No nate came from texas. Is all the way to the browser putting me fool suck but shot my next gen until about brexit folks down here and your cine these mexican guys. I was in the mall. They would they will fly has come whining. We'll start showing them city. I was in san antonio texas doing comedy shows. I was in san antonio and houston texas right the san antonio texas in the morning like late more like eleven in the morning before checked into the hotel uncle to the mall out there the mexican men. Yes senate were my size. They were taller they have swag like. I'm glad we have our mexicans who i love. I love our a different type of mexican. See the ads. The first two tall mexicans i saw one had a beautiful white woman on his arm and the other one had a this african american like it was. I wanted this dues autograph. Why are you ready to ya city. I i want to take a picture with this gun. Yeah dismantle go get a twist the even though i love by mexicans up here

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