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In california's los angeles county. The hardest hit area of the country. Many hospitals have no more room in their intensive care units so even as vaccines are developed and deployed to prevent covid nineteen cases. The remains an urgent need for drugs to help treat those. Who have it on seventh. A study called re map cap which is conducted in england and other countries report results from clinical trials of hugh drax which are currently used to treat. A chunk of is our healthcare correspondent. Do you results which have not yet been period but will be soon are very promising. They show that these drugs can reduce the death rate among styles to barely. Ill covid nineteen patients by around a quarter. And why is it. That drugs normally administered for arthritis would be a help in covid. Nineteen so these tracks tau cillizza mab and surreal. Ma'am there normally used to reduce inflammation in patients with arthritis and inflammation is a big problem with covid nineteen. It's actually one of the ways that actually kills severely. Ill patients and what happens. Is that the body's immune system calls information. It's usually helpful. That's how it fights off an infection but with covid nineteen in some patients. Information just goes overboard so it has been surge going on for over year for drugs that can prevent a hyper inflammation and so far we've had on the one drug. A steroid called exa medicine which was proven to reduce dramatically death rates. And how did these two drugs emerge as good candidates them. So dixon mechanism dampens the immune system across the bharat was and surreal. Map are a little bit more targeted. They are both made the antibodies that block they affect of a specific protein called interleukin. Six that is known to stock. They mean response and has been particularly prominent in patients with covid nineteen so they're really targeting proteins. Which is a big problem material patients. And so how did we come to know that these two drugs are so good. At reducing inflammation the clinical trial enrolled eight hundred patients. Who are customized for covid nineteen. Who are all ill enough to require. Transfer this carry units in. The results are really striking in the group of patients who received the standard treatment. Which already includes dixon on a standard of care. Nearly three six percent died in the group that receives the standard treatment and then on top of it one of these two and inflammatory drags only twenty seven percent of patients died. So that's a mass effect and another very important. Finding from the trial was the patients who received these tracks recover faster. They were discharged from hospitals seven to ten days earlier which also is a mass effect because normally covid nineteen patients in hospitals for a very long time and so with that knowledge in hand. Then how soon might we see it. Sort of put to use and wear. So does eliza map. One of the tracks is already being used here in the uk. There already suffice. In hospitals guidelines for treating covid nineteen patients already been changed and it will be attracted will be used in other countries soon. I'm sure but unlike some medicine which is a very cheap drag. It costs a couple of dollars for a course of treatment. The cost of these hugh anti inflammatory drugs is an issue in britain of course of treatment. Which is intravenous. Infusion costs around one thousand pounds. So that's really expensive for developing countries and although in britain it's probably very cost effective because a day intensive care in hospital costs the national health service here around thousand pounds per patients so compared to one thousand pounds for the drag. It's a good deal to say nothing of the lives. say so. It seems that we are finding more more treatments. more drugs. more things that are already clinically approved. Is there more in the pipeline like this that can give us a bit more hope about treating covid nineteen yes absolutely many more drags which are being tested around the world sam in very large clinical trials here in the uk where probably around the corner of covid nineteen patients in hospitals are enrolled in one trial another. Some of these trials have shown that some drugs are not effective which is also useful knowledge because they are rigorously. Conducted randomized trials with very large patient samples. So you can be very confident in the results but there are several other drugs. That are still being tested than we may. Well find more drugs. We can add to the treatment protocols. Thanks very much for joining us

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