Washington State sues government, push for COVID vaccine uptake, and indigenous rights activist dies


The national native news on tonia gonzales washington state attorney general bob ferguson announced. The state is suing the federal government to stop. Its plans to sell the national archives building in seattle the government which ship off digitize records to archive centers out of state as steve jackson reports. Tribal nations are among those that. Want the information to stay in the pacific northwest. Bob ferguson says. The plan violates current law. Because there's an exemption for buildings the archive being put up for sale if it's used for specific types of research in addition he says the federal government didn't consult with those who would be impacted by the closure that includes twenty nine native american tribes have signed onto the suit. Fawn sharp is the president of the chronology indian nation. She says native americans in the northwest are seeing a resurgence of language and culture and the archive is a vital source for information leading to a point of just having a basic understanding of this rich and baskets and if if this information were to ever leave the pacific northwest there would be a loss gnarly his tribal nation. It'd be lost entire at pacific northwest and put a price on a value of what those are. House at tribal nations ferguson says the suit seeks an injunction to stop the sale of the building. He hopes the case will receive an expedited hearing in federal court for national native news. I'm steve jackson reporting from spokane leaders and tribal communities are getting creative to encourage uptake of the cove. Nineteen vaccine the mountain west news bureaus savannah mar reports. The northern arapaho tribe has been hit hard by the pandemic and many tribal members are eager to be vaccinated. That's according to lisa. You're walking with the tribes medical clinic. However there are some that do have questions she says. Clinic staff have been fielding those questions via social media. And they've been getting help from arapahoe. Ceremonial elders like george moss. Who agreed to get the first shot in to have it. Broadcast live on facebook people. To have mr moss him so i can take the vaccine is speaks volumes tribes like the navajo nation had council members get vaccinated on camera. The black feet nation in montana is using the black veep language to counter misinformation and educate members about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine for the mountain west news bureau. I'm savannah mar georgina. Lewis from alabama pueblo in new mexico intends to run for congress. The five term state democratic lawmaker and attorney is joining the race for the anticipated of the first congressional district currently held by deb holland holland. Who's a member of laguna pueblo has been picked by the biden harris team for secretary of the interior. If holland's confirmed the state would call for a special election wants the. Us house vacancy occurs with candidates nominated by major political parties in new mexico on her campaign website. Lewis says she's been a tireless champion for the earth people and future generations and would continue. The fight holland began holland. Strong advocate for native american issues environmental issues and missing and murdered indigenous women and girls rancher and indigenous rights advocate carry. Dan has died in nevada. At the age of eighty eight democracy now reports kerry and her late sister. Mary long fought the federal government over land rights and environmental issues. The western shoshoni sisters were committed to protecting their way of life and the rights of their people fighting for land back and land restoration from poisoning. Their legal and political battles began in the nineteen seventies and they spent their lives advocating for indigenous rights. I antonio

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