1889: Why You Should Stop Donating Your Stuff (and Do This First) by Anthony Ongaro of Break The Twitch


Sweeping the globe. Many of us are getting rid of tons of stuff in fact. Donation centers are receiving more clothing and goods right now than ever before and while. That might seem like a good thing. It's actually a problem is a big enough problem. That what we need is for people to stop donating. Ms grey to thoughtfully donate items and good condition based on what organizations can actually resell or use by many centers are so overrun with stuff. That realistically no one wants. They simply don't have the manpower to process through everything and many items manned up in the landfill here. Are the reasons why you should stop donating as the default number. One regain monetary value. There's an obvious reason you should seriously consider selling things instead of donating or giving them away money. of course. it's very likely that you spent money. On the things you own. So why not recapture some of that value in the process of letting go this can be especially helpful if he went through a heavy consumer as phase or to pay down debt while it can be a lot of work selling off each item. Getting some of the money back is positive.

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