Montana fly-fishing lodge copes with warming rivers


One thousand nine hundred. Eighty four wade felons. Dad's started a fly fishing lodge in montana back then. Visitors to big hole lodge with spend august afternoons fishing for trout in the big hole river. But today it's five thirty up. Grab a to go breakfast. Hit the water by shortly after first light and then get off the water. Just after two o'clock fella now runs the business. He says their policy is to stop fishing. When the water reaches sixty eight degrees warmer water hold less oxygen. So it stresses the fish if trotter caught and released in those conditions. they do not always recover. When you release the fish it may swim away but not healthy and oftentimes it will die. As the climate warms montana rivers are reaching that sixty eight degree threshold more often than they used to felon says. Prime fishing season in his area has also shifted from summer to late spring so we encourage visitors to plan trips earlier in the year. He says changing his clients. Fishing habits can be hard. But it's business depends upon the health of the big hole river and the trout population that supports and if we exploited that an unhealthy and unsafe conditions than. We won't have a business to run.

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