Exploring And engaging autism With Doctor Todd Peter Levine.


This is when this is the brand messaging podcast. Wait what really okay today. I'm here with todd. Peter levin he happens to not be a serial killer. Actually we can make it four words. It could be a doctor. Todd peter levin Like would you like fava beans with that. Now we're now we're really going. Its silence of the. Todd's thing in all seriousness. Though because we we are going to start joking. Not todd for a while. I didn't talk to him for a while. But dr todd. Peter levin is here with me today again. This is loren wise and the title of today's episode is exploring in engaging autism with dr todd. Peter levin todd tatas is. We're not doing this. Dr stuff are we know. Please don't please call todd. Thank thanks so much for having me. No i go by todd all over the place professionally and personally so i appreciate that. That's cool and it's a little bit more laid back okay. So we met. Let's just breaking the ice or breaking back the history here. We met nine thousand nine hundred eighty five correct. That can't camp frank a day in west. Brookfield massachusetts in a yeah. It was. That was the summer that we both turned. Eleven that we're both i. Would i remember it myself. Because i can't speak for you. Awkward lanky looking for socialization may be interested in girls and Stumbling miserably over ourselves but a great place to do that. I thought you know camping canoeing. Linda cabin it was awesome. I look back. And i found one of those photos that my wife saw it was like bothers is really short shorts. Unlike not only was it. An awkward timing was nineteen eighty five. Yeah and don't forget. Don't forget the tall socks socks pulled up to your knees with stripes. You know along the top part of it. That was a big move for me. Absolutely now i before we dig into him and and he's here for autism. He is a doctor. We're going to talk about the otherness. Podcast his podcast. It's in the process of production. But were you there and this is not a rumor. A boat blew up one summer. I was there when it happened. I didn't see it but lightning struck the lake and struck the boat and there was an explosion. Was that we in the same camp that year was that a year before a year later. Do you remember that it might know because that is definitely something i remember and my because you were there a few summers before me. And then i what happened was are overlapping. Ear was the first year. I was there in the last year. You were there. So there wasn't a boat explosion but was something almost as exciting. The you know the the fireworks on the fourth of july someone you know had a roman candle you know the the the basically the two that shoots balls at out and nailed someone in the face. Where the counselors. And i have no idea. Yeah that was. That was the excitement of eighty five. I think maybe was. I don't know if it was summer. But that was the most explosive in terms of flames. And and that sort of thing. I do remember. I hadn't picked up the drums at that point but there was a cabin. I think two or one up from ours and it was a guy with the way i remember. It was a white drum set and a whole bunch of us were inside and he was drumming. And i don't know again a month necessarily gonna say it was camp david. I remember just being in awe of this. This guy in this drum said and loud and rock and roll and i don't know maybe it was that summer camp and start for me. Yeah no i do remember it. It was yeah two cabins down. I guess it was empty and the guy had a drum set and he reminded me of sort of every eighties rocker. You would have any developing eighties rocker. I remember long blonde hair. You know terminator sunglasses. Some sort of cutoff t shirt. And he's a good guy too. So yeah i remember standing watching him and or hearing from like you know two hundred yards away or more because it was loud of course so and here's a little bit more of the irony. I'm always the one in most of my podcasts. When i talk to people about podcast say you know what dig in. Don't go into crazy stories too often. Don't talk about things that people can't necessarily relate to you. But i rarely have guests much less guests that i haven't really seen and the better part of thirty five years so i'm breaking my own rule here but the leading a little bit forward here we you added me on facebook and i guess i just accepted and didn't even put two and two together a little back before we connected in the fall right so that was going back a few years. I remember the name loren wiseman and you know as as we caught up you sort of picked up. I do remember quite a few things over the years. So i remembered hearing the name. See well reading the name seeing the photo in. Of course i wasn't gonna put two and two together and say that was definitely the kid i went to camp with but i said hey in the spirit of connectedness let's do it and then what transpired from there was reading about your work in authentic messaging brand messaging and sort of putting important things out there in ways that are about the about the authenticity authority. Not about kind of gone with the fads and stuff too. So that moment. are those your post. Plus my transition in life from where i was living in rhode island to cenex were important. Wants to and as podcast idea came to me with a group of friends from college a few months earlier i reached out and the results were

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