Amazon planning a wall mounted Echo


Moving into the smart home amazon plans a wall mounted echo. According to bloomberg in i okay. Y'all know that. I have been adding things to my house to make it smarter like the infrastructure. So i i actually just added a fin. We'll talk about that in a week or two when i when i start seeing results but added a fin water monitoring device. I added a device from a company called ting that tracks. Basically you plug it in. It looks for electrical fires. I have added an quanta. Water heater controller in product. And so what am i saying. I'm saying these are doing for the sexy devices there. Yeah the unsexy but was interesting here. What i'm discovering is my first night in the finn was like we have detected a very weird thing happening in your house and they sent me a notification but my phone was on. Do not disturb. Sign my house wasn't actually flooding. But i was like you know what i need. I need like a panel. i know right. Maybe like the equivalent of a flashing light. That's like hey these parameters are happening in maybe shakeup deal with it because if it were really a flood. I'd want to know and i don't have the fancy finn that shuts off my water for me so actually thought this was kind of neat because it would be nice to have like a command center that you could add a glance. Look and be like okay. Everything's functioning normally. Yeah i mean we rely on our smart displays quite heavily in our house. Even though i have my phone with me all the time. Not everybody does. And it's really handy to just see something pop up that you know you need to know this right now without looking for your phone or missing a notification. This is actually one of the big downsides of my transition homekit. there's no smart display unless you have an apple. Tv and you're watching tv so bloomberg is saying that amazon's working on this. It's ten or thirteen inch diagonally measured Obviously can control smart devices. It'll have the typical amazon services from music videos. Video chatting with a camera built in should be pretty skinny thin unlike some of the smart displays. Because this can be wall mounted and bloomberg says it's could retail for between two hundred two fifty. Maybe by the end of this year. Anything can happen because this is just them. Hearing from sources we amazon has new official comment on this. But i think these ecosystems are overdue for something like that a lot of people used ipads they mount ipads to their wall and use those. Yeah so you wouldn't have to do that and you could use your ipad ipad actually so

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