Lye-poisoning attack in Florida shows cybersecurity gaps in water systems


We all drink water every day but recently in florida someone tried to turn the water into a weapon. Natalie shocking case of computer hacking in pinellas county. Florida investigators are trying to hunt down. The person who tried to poison a public water supply remotely planned operator monitoring the water in tampa bay city of notice computer breaches starting at about eight. Am friday morning. The hacker was controlling the computer systems mouse and was able to increase the level of sodium. Hydroxide in the water supply from about one hundred parts per million to more than eleven thousand parts per million this is obviously a significant and potentially dangerous increase sodium hydroxide also known as li- is the main ingredient in liquid drain cleaners in large amounts sodium. Hydroxide can cause vomiting chest and abdominal pain. Fortunately a plant operator immediately reduced levels back to what was safe.

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