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Guys show here. I'm hard at work on season. Six for you and we're going to have that out in just a couple of months. But in the meantime i've been working on something new. Don't think about it like cheating. Think about it like adding little spice to our relationship. I've been doing this for over a year. Ever since i had my daughter be. I become completely fascinated by the world of mom influencers on instagram. Yeah i know. I had be in go to sleep all i could do. Was scroll the graham in the middle of the night while. I tried to put her to bed. That's when i realized that all of the picture. Perfect mommy's on instagram. He were all trying to sell me something. So as a journalist a mom an amateur enthusiast you guys didn't know that one but yes amateur economics enthusiasts. It's madam i had no choice. But to report the hell out of this world and the result is my new eight part series under the influence which is launching this week. It's a deep dive into the mom. Internet as i try to dissect this multibillion dollar business while also coming to terms with my own perceived failings as a mother. I want to tell you right. Now that i'm going to drop some of these episodes into are committed. Feed want you to be surprised by it. It might be your jam. It might not. But i do. Hope you'll check it out. Stay we actually have a fun. Committed under the influence crossover episode for you. It's like in the eighties. When charles and charged with crossover with mr belvedere. I don't know if that actually happened. But i hope that it did because mr belvedere really would've put cianci in this place so during my research for under the influence i stumbled on a couple for committed. I swear to god. I find committed episodes and mess leap. This couple actually wrote a novel about mom influence together. They wrote a whole novel together. An entire book. It blew me away that a married couple with a small child would want to sit together and actually work on something creative together. What does that say about my marriage. Anyway i was fascinated by them and what they did and i had to call them to find out how they did it. Sometimes i forget to hit record i do. I wanna tell you guys one. I'm so excited to have you on. Because i've never talked to a couple that has written a book together. I because i write books. And i'm also a person who's married to another person and i can't imagine my husband because we can't. We couldn't even write christmas cards together. The same thing plan for a wedding A good example collaborating on seeding the episode collette. Lyons and her husband. Paul does used the pseudonym ellery loyd to publish their debut novel it's a thriller set in the mom influencing internet called people like her. Let's dig in into into the early days. Which chapter wad do you wanna start. Yeah i will so. I had just moved back from two year. Stint working in dubai. i'm now pools. Can it off. Because i'm really really bad at telling stories in a concise way said pulled jumping still way too early okay. I had been invited to a wedding and crete wedding. That was a hindu. I forget what you call it in the states about Anyway is yes we we call it a bachelor. I like a hindu so much better so let's go with that so at the Sitting next to a benign to me polls flatmates of the time Who basically spent the entire at dinner telling me how great poll was and then she came back that night and was telling me will probably next actually and was telling me about this person sheet matt who's shooter was great who is clad and so i think we met about three months after that was just up to my Should end it was polls bafta party which dot the mutual friends had invited me to and actually beth one day apart one year apart while so we met and i think i texted my best friend. Day off ceo of the man. I'm going to marry you. Haven't and i was made and that was it. Then yeah we. We started dating and then we got married Engaged three months later Yeah poll my dad for my hand in marriage and apparently his Suspect you know what you're getting into bondage the irony we go out. We got married Touchdown tenth anniversary this year ten pointing anniversary in december of quite punchy at we now realize Choice for a wedding dates. We got married on december twenty third. So yeah and as one door and One book later about to celebrate chinese. So colette was this longtime journalist who always had delicious book ideas but no time to write them and paul had already published two novels. And i'd be working on books. That were just terrible. I guess i mean they will less. They were certainly. They were kind of notice. Plotti anonymous hooky another interesting as as people like all of the just like You where you're like. Unholiday need took but ideas. Nina says always something we've about an enjoyed talking about so they'd banter back and forth about book ideas and then collect came up with the idea for people like her. The reason the book cash they came out was the had been made redundant just before our daughter was born on site. Didn't actually have. I mean i wouldn't describe it as maternity leave because lucent wasn't lacking didn't have something to get back to thought will actually. Maybe this is the time that we sit down and actually tried to try to write together especially given their social life at least because lonzo never slept who once week watched Seasons of game of thrones. we found. We didn't really have anything else to do in the evening. And we didn't really want to talk about. Nazis peer ryan Sleep training so. I mean i con- actually remember the first night that we sat down started writing. But i think that was literally what it was Laptop and we buy The fast chapter fem people like have amendola sort of realized that we might have something. I think it was the way the two voices kind of work. So you've got Emmy who's this kind of influence. Who collect was rising. And then i was doing dan a husband and i think you sort of we found a way You know the differences in the way we write and into kind of an advantage for the book although i would say that actually it transpired that we we ride in a similar enough right way that it hasn't felt disjointed. We've certainly found that for the second book by hella. Good impressions of each other won't how did you come up with this idea in particular people like how i think. I had never used instagram before. I'd actually used it professionally as a scientists working in I've asuka sexual media code tonight too. So i i was aware of what it was on how it works. I'd never been

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