Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney Ranks Ohio State at No. 11 in Final Coaches Poll


Davos, Sweeney can do whatever he wants with his pole. It's kind of why nobody pays attention to the coachespoll anymore. Now that we have the playoff committee rankings, we don't need it. Because when dabble places Ohio State number 11 Hello, Florida and Oklahoma and Georgia, Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina as well. It clearly was just to make a point that Ohio State did not play enough games in his mind. Not that there's 10 teams. Actually could beat the buck up the same way no power. Five coaches put Cincinnati in their top four. But seven group of five coaches did see the coaches are always acting in their own self interests. Politicking for their own schools for playoff spots, Bull Biggs and then their conferences to get more respect and when they can propping up those that help them while tearing down those that don't

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