The M1 Honeymoon Continues

Mac Power Users


We should start by. Just maybe doing a check in now that we've been using these m. one max for a while. Yeah so Like i shared. I bought my wife a macbook air. She is absolutely loving it. Silent battery ruins all day cheeses using microsoft teams video conferencing all day. She teaches in the public schools but teaches from home. And that's been that's been really going. Well and i was so impressed with it ended up with the thirteen inch macbook pro and selling my sixteen inch and the smaller screen size has taken some getting used to but if you're on the fence about the macbook pro versus the air. I'll say a couple of things one like the only time i've heard the fan is when i was trans. Coding to streams of four k video and each stream was about twenty minutes long and after a few minutes. I heard it but thou his debbie expected and the battery. Life's really good I think it's a little bit better than the air apple. Says it is and sort of like anecdotally around my house. It seems like the pros and be a little bit better than the air. But i think performance wise. Unless you're doing this big long sustained things like we said the map areas so so good. I don't think there's a really compelling reason to move up to the mac pro unless you just want the touch bar which a lot of people do or you want Kind of a better sense of longer sustained operations without being a slow down. But i think hands down the best mac to buy right now. Is that in one medicare.

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