A highlight from How to Innovate Business Marketing during Covid-19 w/Andy Audate


Jesus says that he is here to help. What innovate our business. Market in the nineteen. That right my friend. That is one hundred percent right you know. This is a prime opportunity. I know there's a lot of health challenges with kobe but this is a prime opportunity during kovin while people are spending more time on their phones wartime with the computers. Odd to get in front of them get get get get attention build awareness for your brand and the monetize that awareness all right but we shall see we shall see what he can do for us today on episode of the project. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Beastie your is tune your ears. it's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter in periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority airfield. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold another be authority project. I am burning arnold host in on the virtual stage. We have andy audit in the building. Helping you the project because we wanna stop authority to your name so you can send what you're great at in we're going to help you. Innovate well i'm not gonna do. It ain't gonna help. Innovate your business. Marketing in the midst of kobe. Nineteen pandemic world. We're in but before we dive into at all. Please please please. Andy tell us who you are personally and then professionally. I mean i'm connected. Loving humble ambitious men. Hungry determined to to really make change in impact from the world that i'm aware of the world that i know meaning that the world is constantly evolving and changing and i get. The answer is a prime opportunity right now to expand so now i wanna take on my experiences and give that opportunity for others to expand some awesome. So tell us right now. Tell us right now. What's your current project that you're working on at the moment. Currently i'm working on the build out of date via marketing agency. But it's out of las vegas and we essentially get customers online brand new customers to your door from online using social media and advertising. That's awesome awesome. So here's a a a question. The guest Catch them off guard. But we'll see how you see how you how you answered respond. You're ready all right. So what is your daily routine. Wake up at five in the morning. Get dressed head over to the gym workout By seven o'clock. I'm out of the gym. Had home grab some breakfast Ticket shower and so on and so forth than by fifty. I have my first meeting with my team. And at a fifty sharp than i started the day with. Zoom calls galore of back to backs. 'cause that my Team members are managing my calendar and then allowing me to to really stay on point and then by the end of the day. I wrap up our team meeting at five. Pm then i had over to the gym do another workout then spent time with my loved one at home and then head off the bed and then do the same thing over the next day. I love that. Awesome awesome So let's let's dive into it and let's get right into a man. How do we market in the in the new pandemic environment that we're in. How do we innovate in this way. Well the first thing that we need to understand is the foundational principle of marketing which is awareness and taking that awareness and driving back towards getting sales sales products Or service so. We have a process on getting known and then turning that that attention into dollars. That's going to be marketing. So we need to during this time where most people are spending a lot of people. Spend time on their phones on the computers. They are home. They're on tv. This your opportunity right now to get in front of those people in turn. That awareness turned that attention and to money. I love it so so i think that in this environment where people are you know the digital marketer or Traditional business people are having a tough time in this in this in this new this new climate that in People are getting shut down. Shut down. they don't know how they don't. They're used to one thing helping one way of making money right. So why do you feel that. Change is is so hard for people and why they won't card from the to get get through us and pivot into something new in this new new arms new industry that we're in. I think what happens is mad is that has humans. We want security. We want consistency. We want to be able to predict the outcome. Because if we cannot predict the outcome and we're Unaware of the outcome than what happens us internally as we get nervous we get frightened. We get scared because we don't know what the future looks like for us. So security means that we're allowed we understand without commits if we do what we always been doing which is hey go to work or whatever. Your daily routine is activities. If it's constantly the same you can predict drought come. You can predict how much income you're gonna get end of the month. You can predict how much income you're gonna make by the end of the week you can predict your results

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