Gary Rogowski - Mastery Program at the NW Woodworking Studio


Gary is good to have you on. It's what again you are always a welcome guest thank you daniel. It's fun to be here. So you've really had to adapt with this covid. Nineteen situation and one of the most famous programs is the mastery program right. So how is that. Hit you at the studio well first of all. I'm no different than anyone else. It said everyone really hard. I i was talking with someone one of my students and they said this is. This is great. I just spent on time. The bench. Safe away from everyone so You know in some respects. Covert is just a way to get to the bench but in terms of the business in terms of the studio. It's been really tough where we have some some online classes. But it's a It's been paired way back and we started with some online lectures and workshops. But i i started. I was finishing up a the first year of my distance group at a couple of folks in a distance mastery group and so we went online. And i thought well geez. Maybe we should be doing this all the way. I mean with with a new group. Because i wasn't willing to take on resident students who would be in house and didn't look like travel was going to be an option so with the help of student who's very interested in woodworking. We put together online lectures and then figured out how to transform that and to into an online mastery program of weekly classes and Yeah we've been running about else since beginning of october. So maybe maybe middle of october anyway. It's been great. The biggest challenges me to produce videos. Yeah technology i'm not a technology guy and and so You know the audio feedback and getting the cameras. When i have row halio with me It's great because he's he handled the camera work. And i said hey zoom in on this. I'm trying to do it. I'm all over the place. But i'm getting hang bought a bit of video cameras so i can have that trained on me and then have an iphone. Iphones are are crazy. Good for another angle and we're doing everything zoom right now and it's been good. It's good i saw your ear. Instructions on zoom their lives. Is that correct right now. Everything's live. I'm trying to get some lectures in the can so rally. I just did a an hour on bill billing half lap mirror frame in trying to get some of those things recorded so i can reuse them but for now i've got me and my thirteen students and we meet. We meet every friday. Actually i woke up this morning. you Wondered about my writing. And i started to just work on images and stuff for my students. Actually think saw mass reprogram since two thousand nine hundred ninety nine hundred and Graduated a group in two thousand and lots of different folks. Local group distance group resident group but for some reason now with this online group. I've done a lecture quite a few times. So i know what i'm doing. I don't have to do a lot of preparation for that. But it's led me to start investigating. What other cool things can i bring to the

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