Chicago Police Face Firestorm After Woman's Home Wrongfully Raided

NBC Nightly News


Chicago's police department facing a firestorm tonight. Following a raid in the home of an innocent woman it was all captured on bodycam video and now nearly two years later it is just being released. Here's blaine alexander. It took just seconds for chicago police to ran their way into engine at young time inside. They found the social worker alone. Getting ready for bed naked in this police body camera video. You see officers handcuff yang and search her home for nearly an hour. Her lawyer says eventually allowed to cover herself with a blanket. Officers eventually realized she was right. No one should have to experience that now that february twenty nineteen raid is drawing comparisons to brianna taylor's case young's attorney says for months. The city blocked them from obtaining that video today no comment from chicago police citing an open investigation but mayor lori. Lightfoot said the city will release all of the video noting. The incident happened before she took office as a black woman and as a parent. Yes i am there. But absent that reality. I could have easily been miss young. The mayor says they have changed. Policies hoping to stop this from happening again but young says that's not enough. I was there when you came to. My church had did vote for you. I want you to come back to my church until me in the people at my church. How you're going to fix this. It's not okay. Blayne alexander nbc news.

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