U.S. cybersecurity agency warns of 'grave' threat from massive hack


Today about the the recently recently discovered discovered hack hack into into the the U. U. S S government. government. It It has has impacted impacted multiple multiple departments, departments, including including the the Pentagon, Pentagon, Homeland Homeland Security Security and and the the National National Institutes Institutes of of Health. Health. The The U. S Cyber Security Agency says today. The hack poses what it calls a grave threat to all levels of government and even the private sector amid this period of presidential transition, and, of course, the ongoing pandemic. Let's learn more with w T o p national security correspondent J. J Green How you JJ. There's word today that a string of very serious investigations are getting underway. What are these investigations and what are they looking for? Yeah. Hi, Sean and Hillary. How are you Today? There are several congressional investigations one from the Homeland Security Committee. The oversight committee is investigating. The FBI is investigating this incoming president Joe Biden has set up a team on this. All of the agencies that were impacted have been setting up investigations into this. So what are they looking for? They're trying to figure out where they're started when it started. Who knew what What was done where it stands now, in the key questions right now is who did it and how they managed to get into US systems. This is a massive, massively important situation. Right now. It's hard is Tom Bossert, the former homeland security adviser for president, Trump says It's hard to overstate this is the significance of this situation. Well, okay, it's hard to overstate it. So characterized just how damaging these breaches are. Several prominent experts have said this is one or among the greatest intelligence failures in modern times, and that includes 9 11. This is an incredibly dangerous situation and why? Because it's still underway. This cyber attack is still happening. The Attackers got into the systems of more than a half dozen agencies, and that number is sure to go up. Nine months ago, perhaps, and we just found out about it nine days ago, and if it hadn't been for fire I coming forward. Perhaps we may not know about it now. So this is where we are with that. Change, eh? Why did it take so long for the government or for the company for that matter to figure this out, people that launched this and it's believed to be the SPR, the Russian equivalent of the CIA were clever enough to get around that multibillion dollar system called Einstein that the U. S. Has to prevent or at least to detect. Situations and in organizations and efforts like this, they were able to craft it so that basically they slipped in. We didn't know about it. And a part of the reason for that is all of that. This is all of the disinformation. All of the chaos that's been going on in the country regarding covert 19 and the election and other things. We were focused on all of those other things, and this is believed to be how they managed to slip in final 30. Seconds here what is being done right now, to contain all this. There's a big effort underway. The solar Wenzel Ryan software, which was the vehicle through which this malware got into all of these systems, was ordered shut down on Monday, sister says. It's a grave situation. It's going to take a long time to fix and they say It's not going to be easy at all, because a part of it is figuring out where the end of this thing is stopping it before they can start to apply. The bandage is Hey, JJ. Thanks so

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