566: Paperless Strikes Back

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Stephen hackett and i'm joan is always by my friend and yours. Mr david sparks. Hello steven how are you today buddy. I am good assay. Raf the back. Congratulations it's going to be fine. Thanks yeah i mean. I been working on this new paperless guide for about six months and so happy to to ship it. Yeah i You keep me up to date you know we kind of bounce ideas off each other off the air all the time and i know you've been hard at work on this one than your issue with your pack kinda got in the way at the last minute frustrating. Yeah it was kind of frustrating you know whatever takes the Actually it was kind of good. Because when the i mak fried i was at the point where i thought it was terrible. I hated everything and having a little break of a week and then coming back to like oh. This is actually pretty good so good. You know how you get that point with a project where you hate. Yeah almost every time. I publish Youtube video by the time i publish i hate it. I get it out of here. You know yeah. I understand if you go back and watch it in a week. You're like oh not bad not too bad so anyways yes so we were talking about the paperless workflow. You have a new filled guide. That came out Several days ago and this one's kind of especially we get sentimental for a second talk about the background of this. Yeah it was. Paperless was the first thing i did on my own. I did a two books for widely press ipad. Had at work and mac at work and it was cool going into the bookstore in your book on the shelf. I always felt like those books. Didn't have what i really wanted. I wanted to show people how to do things and you know widely was there. Were very nice to me. But they'd be like okay. You get three screenshots to show this whole thing. And i'd like that's not enough but you know that's just the way it is so this first paperless field guide was a kind of a leap for me and it worked and people liked it and that year apple gave it the best of the bookstore ward and it was kind of awesome but there were still a lot. I wanted to cover that. I never was able to can have the same limitation with the With the i. Bookstore the biggest size your book could be would be two gigabytes and so i had about one point five gigabytes of video in that in about a half a gig of the other stuff and you know there was still a bunch of stuff i had to cut. But now that. I'm doing these. On my own is video guides this seven gigabytes so seven hours and seven gigabytes. So i basically. I was able to just unload on paperless with this new version. Yeah i really think that even maybe more so than some of your others. This shows the strength of the platform. You're using now where you always kinda fighting with author of course in printed books. You can't have video. That's that's a problem there so it is. It is cool to see like you really flexing what this what this new system can do for you. Yeah it's it's great. It's ninety five videos about seven hours and it just really gave me the space to cover everything the way i want. I good example. I was looking at it this morning in the original field guide. I had to pages on devon thing in why it's a good solution for paperless workflow but it was really difficult to do a lot. Because i didn't have enough space in the book to add more and in this new one. I have fifteen hours of video using devon thing for paperless workflow and. It's just like you couldn't do that before and That's kinda great to be able to do that. So and the the other thing that's changed since the last time i did it. Is you know the emergence of the mobile platforms and mobile apps. So this field guide is really designed. And i've done this on the last several separate sections for mobile versus mac and it tries to explain how to do all the workflows on both platforms so sample. Maybe i wanna do my capture with my iphone. But i wanna do my processing mac or maybe i want to do the whole thing on my iphone my ipad. There's a path for you through this course no matter what platform you're on for each of the tasks you wanna do and that was pretty great being able to put that together. That really wasn't a thing in twenty twelve rally being able to scan documents with the phone. The cameras weren't nearly as good but there really wasn't a lot of great software. Then i didn't really thought about the difference between the first version of this and then this new version but yeah that's a big change for sure. It will even like one of the problems. With the first time i covered. Paperless was in twenty twelve. What you really needed to have a effective paperless. Workflow is a four hundred dollar scanner. I mean there was just not a way round right and now you can do it with a ten dollar app. You don't need a by scanner. I cover scanners in it but One of the points that came out for me and making the course was you could get by. In fact most people could get by without a scanner at this point. Yeah that's that's definitely true. We've got a flatbed scanner. But if it died i it's not something i would like rush out to go replace because most of the time needed to scan a bill or a letter or something. I just pull out my phone and do it. Yeah and in this case cover document scanners and if you need a document scanner you know it. You know if you're going through hundreds of pages a day or whatever but if you get the occasional bill in the mail just getting up your good. The other thing is nice about this one was i. I've really kind of evolved. The whole learn dot max bark course system. I've got better at it over the years and select now day. one everything is captioned.

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