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So in the past few months there have been all kinds of news stories about john fetterman and his wife to sell giselle. Who is amazing. By the way calls herself slop s. l. o. p. the secondly pennsylvania. I personally want slop to be the name of television show about john andrews cells life together. These two are intensely committed to the state of pennsylvania. They're both compassionate and the best part is they're outspoken about that compassion talking to them together. You get this sense that either of them would have completely thrived in public service and on their own but together they been able to do it a dozen times more effectively a adored these two so you guys might hear my kid. Because you're like and john giselle. I met in two thousand seven at the time. Does l was living in new jersey and working in new york. That's when she read an article about a little town in pennsylvania called br attic at the time. John was a note mayor and braddock. And i read an article about this community of radic's community that had contributed so much and then had kind of this mass exodus. A lot of the resumes move. Dow buildings were abandoned. Felt some kind of connection to it. I read more. And i learned that the steel that built my most favorite bridge. Which is the brooklyn bridge. King from this region and i just thought role signs and i wrote a letter to the borough sharing the work i was doing at the time working with food justice and food access than i wanted to visit the learn. More cells let are ended up with john. It just ended up on the mayor's desk. That's what happens when you write a letter to the mayor of a small town. See john had. I moved to braddock in two thousand and one when he was serving with americorps to help disadvantaged teenagers earned their ged's then he ran against the sitting mayor in two thousand five. He won that seat by just one. Vote my political career. Started working graphic. Because i wanted to see some changes occur and decided that running for elective office was the best way to go about doing that. And that's ultimately how it happened. Nineteen to visit the following month. And i arrived and then he fell madly in love with me and Here we are. That's not address this story because she always says that when you look at her and then you look at me and you have to assume that that's true. That's true if you haven't seen john fetterman before you should google him right now. He's a tall guy. Six to eight. Inches bruce willis style. Bob some pretty rad tattoos on his left arm his inked the numbers one five one. Oh four that's products zip code now. Giselle is little real pretty. She's a fashion easter couple of the fetterman haters of compared the to the atoms families lurch and more tissue. The federman's actually think that's hilarious. It's like visit and renounced what started relationship. Yeah i was. It was an unusual start for sure. I love that. I love it. You kinda fell in love with the region and then john came along like as a as a as a package gift like. Oh look at look at this place. That's so interesting. And oh here's a husband. Take it take him to. I drove bronchitis forbid before. I even met my fellow connection to this area. It's a john you said that you didn't just immediately madly in love with her. How did how did it happen for you. You should ask her how the woman wrote in and visited. I was doing my thing and she. She wrote a letter and is said. If you wanna come. I and then i guess that was in october of oh seven and then i visited her in early november and just proceeded from there so and then we ended up getting married in june of await up in burlington vermont and who proposed to i asked i asked and neither one of us wanted like a wedding in the traditional sense or anything like that and you know i always loved vermont and thought. Wow this would be great if you just took a road trip to vermont. Worked out and we ended up signing a justice of the peace which also is also ironic because i- fishy weddings all the time and did as their So i know that it's just like mook done and that's exactly what we did. In the front yard of a justice of the peace of in vermont over the next three years they had three children re is very different than two three. He put kicks you into a different category. I find that in pairs they. It's just easier so outnumbered so way to put it that way but settled braddock and started doing nonprofit work. John continued his braddock. ex-mayor. I never thought i'd be second lady. I don't you know when people ask me. Where do you see yourself in five year. That's always a difficult question for me. I think i lived in in limbo kind of in survival mode for a long time. I really try to be present and a good job for the current moment. So i never really thought. Roa i still. I think i'm incapable of seeing. That are always still. Why were you in limbo in survival mode. My family was undocumented in this country for nearly fifteen years so there was a lot of it was a long time where we had to remain invisible. We kind of had survived at day. There was a knock at the door then. There was a fear that our family would be deported. So we really were in survival mode for a long time. And i think that's six with you. And i think it's kinda trump's ability to to really see way on the road now. I'm very grateful for my experiences. Have informed how. I think how the work that i do. When i'm really grateful for that. I don't have any material attachment. I when i was seven. I had to pack my whole life into a suitcase and that stuff in everything seems really important. I remember thinking like how. Do i pack my bedroom into one suitcase. How do i pick my most important things that everything felt really important. When you're seven it's created this face run nothing. I'm not attaching material. Nothing none of those things matter. I've learnt one of my favorite stories about john. Jay marriage is about their fourth wedding anniversary. It started when john asked his l. What she wanted as a present really difficult to to gift enough to give each other gifts because neither one of us are having attachments. Anything really so. It's i think more hearts give it zoo so we got a place where we just ask like. Is there something you'd like. And he did. And i said well i wanna shipping container and to his credit. He wasn't even like why he didn't. Even we'd understand why needed a forty foot steel containers country to support your wife twenty foot one and i said you need a good one and you need a forty foot rigor and that became her fruitful in i think of all the thousands of people. She has helped close fee comfort from that original container. The free store is exactly what it sounds like. They distribute food and other goods. That people need completely free. A free store. There is no transaction other than if you needed. And they haven't you get it and diapers are always in high demand formulated

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