“Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 13 episode 2 recap: Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali debut

The Friend Zone


Housewives of atlanta okay. We got caught up with candy. Who are actually. This wasn't the season premiere this episode to forgive me of real housewives of atlanta season thirteen episode two but we were introduced to the new cast members in this episode juicer door and the toya ali of the toyota immediately set the screen on fire. And every time you see her and what she's doing and saying she's incredibly beautiful. I love her accent. I love hearing her speak Her in kenya have great chemistry off one another mind not afraid of you know. She doesn't shy away from conversations that feel a little bit uncomfortable. She makes point She had a great debate withdrew dora. Who is the new peach holding cast member Actress juicer door. I'm sure many people are familiar with her from the game From movies she played. T buys she's been in a lot of things But druce doors on the show personally I liked the fact. She has a beautiful family. Beautiful children husband is attractive They are they've been married for six years And she is present in the that she's in. There was a great scene of kitchen with cynthia who adore. Who looked beautiful. This whole episode. cynthia. You live my god but yeah exactly but Her said you had a great scene shooting together. I will say that. I felt like some of jean. Some of drew scenes were affected. I'll just put it like that. Some of her scenes were affected. There's a conversation that took place between her and her husband where it was revealed that when he gets upset he basically goes missing He had gotten upset. He got upset and he was gone for three days. She didn't know where he was. He was responding to her text and her communication but he never said where he was and he was gone for three days. People showed up on being a black man and put it off on a lot of different things. But i put the whole conversation off. His bad acting is it was very unrealistic. Things things that they were saying. Especially in a black household and druze pacing and cadence. And just the things that she the dramatic moments in the conversation. It just failed affected. And so i. I just felt so you think this is just another tv role for her. 'cause 'cause you know on the game. She played usa doors. Are you saying. She's on housewives playing again her seen i dunno Because it was could be yourself or google. Play your so. She's got a peach and letoya doesn't have a peach cuss a very good question after allegedly his lee alleged the exactly asante an the toyota is heavily Shown in heavily involved in a lot of the Major plotlines of the season And allegedly the word on the street. Is that la toya was all set to be a fool. Peach holding housewife and her estranged husband at the last minute pulled out in wanting his children to be a part of the So the totality of her life and they made the decision to have her cast as a friend of the show. But i think she's one of those friends She's one of those friends that has a lot of involvement in the season in the way that marlo hampton does so the toy presence will definitely be failed in after when episode. It already is Drew seen affected

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