A highlight from Lagos Government Seals Recreational Centers

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To news office our on africa business radio. The many states has sealed about twelve facilities but find the federal government's directive unquote ninth seen as a concerns social and recreational centers. The director general of later state safety mission. Mr mommy macho statements. Issued on sunday said some of the facilities include. Dna nights clump balls. Spa silva fox cool mobile app. Said he and his team have been carrying out enforcement and monitoring activities throughout the holiday season to monitor the level of compliance. He how the mentioned vats recalls the trend establishments who broke the government seal unconcealed team charged to court wants documentation has been properly processed. The state goffman much explained is committed to kurban the spread off the virus and would leave no stone unturned to achieve this monday others time on africa business radio. You can't continue solicited online at www business radio. That's come over amicable app. I am rachel. She gender thank you for listening.

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