Have the 'Bad Boys' Pistons been overlooked in NBA history?


Had a great relationship that you're going to bring some of the stuff that you when you cover the bad boys the Pistons. Yes, your relationship. Someone will break horn and those guys in that area some new insight because now we're especially with the day of covet we're supposed to live through the past and you know the big dance the last dance with with Michael was such a huge thing that happened. The Pistons were right in the middle or at the end of the beginning or the ending of where Michael started. Yeah. Yeah, and and and for me, you know, I I was around that team at a time when they took the Pinnacle of NBA greatness. And so there are lots of stories that you know, I have stored away. I mean like when I was there when they won the title in 2004 would rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups and all those guys and they were little things that they did that people didn't realize played a role in winning a title things like Larry Brown, for example, the first play of every single game if they went to jail ball was get that damn ball to Ben Wallace and let him go to work because big fella knew he wasn't touching the rock much at all if at all after that, so they made a point of getting him the ball first possession every single time. They got the ball in office and they just cleared out and let him go to work and if he scored great if he didn't we gave you a shot. It's little things like that that helped them build team. Chemistry and bonding and Trust knowing that hey going to get you twenty-five Thirty points, but if you don't do the big fella bone and you going to get you 15 Reba, I don't know any other brothers often times. I can think of that had developed that kind of chemistry and I was on the championship teams. We liked each other but with those pills like those dudes would suck blood brothers. Like, you know, it's like the way they think the way they perform it was like bad boys in the years that bad boys for life like that movie that's just seemed like the way they were

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