A highlight from 446: Sens-Jets Part 2; Babcock Tries to Clear the Air; Jays Sign Springer


I may maybe embellishing on the award winning part but still are things up stevie make up what a day. Today it was a feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. And i'm not even an american joe biden sworn in as the forty six president of the united states and I normally don't take any notice of the inauguration. I'm just glad that the reality tv host no longer has any power Joe biden and kamala harris was were officially sworn in and the reality. Tv host slithered off after about fifty people showed off for his sendoff glide to see it. How about you. I saw a clip with the vice president's. Come out kamala harris right. Is that her name. Yes so she was on jimmy fallon and this was obviously because she got she got sworn in today so before that and before the election and there they were taking questions from the crowd found sorta broke from his usual routine. And someone got up and talked about She had made some statement about getting rid of assault rifles. You know in in america. There's two million rifles and some kid got up to say well. That's you know that's taken away my civil liberties right to bear arms and all that stuff and i think she's going to be something else because she she's responded to the guy saying here's what you need to know about assault rifles. Okay is they're designed to kill a lot of people really fast okay. They're designed to do that really fast. And so she's kind of knocking this guy down like a post right and she's going. There's no place for them in in a civilian population as you just can't have them and here's what i'm gonna do. I'm going to going to get rid of them. Okay the two million. I'm i'm not going to allow them anymore. And i'm going to get rid of them. And we'll reimburse the monetary value some of these people just can't take things away from people who paid for them. But eventually i was gonna do. And if i if. I can't convince congress or senator wherever she has to go to to do this. I'm going to sign an executive order myself. So she was like whoa. Whoa she goes i. I'm telling you. That's what i'm gonna do if i get elected. Okay i do that. And whatever position she has to get into. I mean maybe she's talking about being the president one day or something but i'll tell you what this i like her. Yeah like yeah. I do too. It was certainly interesting to see the difference with biden and kamala harris and the inauguration and the superstars that showed up for this thing. They were like everywhere. Tom hanks bruce springsteen lady gaga garth brooks and all unperforming j. Lo is there and then you see what trump had going on at his inauguration for years ago. You had chachi. Jon voight toby keith. You know so. It's a little bit different and That spoke volumes to me. But i think the star of the day was bernie sanders so he shows up and he goes really casual. he wears like a kind of looked like an olive. Parka and Wore these mittens as well and you sort of sat there all bundled up and for some reason. But he's decided to photoshop him sitting in various famous settings. He was on the museum on social media. He's sitting on the couch on friends. the bench on enforced. Gump us even between the benches in place of pierre mcguire on nbc hockey so Some funny stuff on social media and clearly people have too much time on their hands and donald trump certainly have time on his hands as well. And we'd be remiss if we didn't spend some time on this speech tonight. are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born hockey players. Everyone you are meant to be here tonight. This is your time there is done. It's over sick and tired of hearing hearing about what a great hockey team. The soviets have school. This is your pod. Go up there and take it. See now you with me. That was a much better speech than the one. You thought you were going to get in far less a waste of your time. Ker russell playing her brooks in the movie. Miracle let us get onto some real hockey sends

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