Much to repair: Bidens first day on the job


My fellow americans a moment we have all been waiting for the washington yesterday. A new chapter began as joe. Biden was sworn in as america's forty-six resident biden junior do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute. The inauguration displayed the unique circumstances in which he enters office surrounded by twenty five thousand national guardsmen. The ceremony took place with neither crowds. Nor mr biden's predecessor. But it's still featured some familiar inaugural hallmarks celebrity solos and a stirring poem written for the occasion by twenty two year old. Amanda gorman being american is more than a pride we inherit is the past we step into and how we repair it. We've incoming administration used the moment to project an image of well to choose a word that was often repeated. Unity are miss january day. My whole soul is in this. Bringing america together. Uniting our people unite in our nation. Mr biden takes office. Not just at a moment of disunity. In american politics but also a moment of multiple crises among the population president biden laid out at least four big challenges facing the country. It cologne is economists. Washington correspondent this time of testing. The first is simply containing covid. Nineteen pandemic has been raging for almost a year. Now four hundred thousand. Americans have died in a century virus in silence. Stocks country is taken as many lives in one year as america. Lost in all of world war two efforts to control the virus to vaccinate enough people to generate herd. Immunity have not been going. Well he needs to get ahead on that immediately. The second that he brought up is the economic situation right now. There are ten million fewer americans working than were before the pandemic started. Millions of jobs have been lost. Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed. Another is the crisis of racial justice that we saw erupt over the summer. In protests against police brutality. A cry for racial justice. Some four hundred years in the making moves us the fourth thing that he has to deal with it he emphasized quite a lot is the lack of unity. The feeling of partisan rancor between republicans and democrats. He emphasized that this was a moment for national. Doing this is our historic moment of crisis in challenge. Nudity is the path forward and we must meet this moment. As the united states of america. He acknowledged that although payouts to unity might seem naive. That america still needs to try to do those things i mean. It's a long list that that he got started on almost the second he set foot in the white house yesterday. President biden went to the white house and immediately went to work on a stack of executive orders. I think some of the things are going to be doing them. And there's no time to start like two days so he signed one. That started the process for america to rejoin the paris accords which set emissions targets for countries around the world. He signal that it was the end of the trump era by cancelling funding for the border wall on mexico. That trump had famously promised. He canceled the so-called muslim travel ban for citizens of muslim-majority countries and finally while wearing a mask while sitting behind the resolute desk. Something that president trump had not done. President biden signed an executive order. Mandating the wearing of masks in areas that the federal government had authority that is intended to signal that this is a president that will take cove nineteen on much more seriously and someone who believes unlike the previous administration that it will be primarily the federal government's responsibility to coordinate policy as opposed to leaving it up to the states. Okay but that's comparatively easy stuff. We we know that orders but what about the more complicated stuff that will take congressional backing the first bill that is going to consume the biden presidency is going to be another cove relief measure. It's supposed to amount to two trillion dollars in spending. It includes money for a vaccination drive for testing contact tracing and it includes some economic relief measures. They've signaled that the second big proposal they're going to try to get through. Congress is going to be a infrastructure package based on what he has laid out during the campaign we imagined that it would be also quite big perhaps on the order of two trillion dollars and this would be not only where things like universal broadband and roads and bridges trucial infrastructure. Get their day but also would be the primary vehicle. For president biden's main climate agenda items including massive investment in clean energy research tax credits for wind solar all those sorts of things will probably come in that second bill. Well that's what he wants. But what is he likely to get he. He does have a democratic majority in the house and in the senate but it's by the slimmest of margins so there are two ways that biden can get things through congress. The first is to attract enough republican votes to defeat a filibuster which is basically of rule that allows forty members of the senate to stall any legislation in other route that he has available to. Him is a procedure known as reconciliation. That's a budgetary measure. Which is immune to filibuster and often used by presidents with slim majorities to get some of their policy priorities through. It is a tougher route to take than the normal one. There are limits on what you can do what we've seen so far is that he's not shy away from proposing some of the biggest seeming most ambitious legislation that he can and i think the strategy here is to go big and let it get whittled down as you go through the process of congressional negotiations. And there's still the matter of former president trump's impeachment trial i mean. How do you think that will affect mr biden's ability to agenda going so the main problem with impeachment is that it will take up time on the senate floor because all the senators will have to be present to hear the evidence against former president trump and to decide. Eventually that is floor time. That could be used to confirm. President biden's nominees. The be used to confirm judges that could be used to debate. Legislation the sentence on session that much. So that's the main problem and the biden administrations actually hinted at the fact that they are somewhat worried. That impeachment might take up some of their time. But there's no indication that it is going to be stalled. Seems like it's gonna start relatively soon and probably what what might happen is split sort of schedule where the impeachment trial doesn't take up all the time that the senate has available. It's an understatement. To say mr biden has quite a lot of work to get done here do you. Do you think he's up to it. Do you think he is the man for this moment. Biden comes to office with half a century of experience in washington dc. He comes to office as the oldest man at seventy eight years old to occupy the presidency. He is an elder statesman. He might not serve more than a single term. He sees his role as someone who can turn down the flames of america's partisan warfare right now and he sees himself as a bridge candidate between not only the flanks within the democratic party but some conciliatory republicans right now given the crises. The country faces given the problems of hyper partisanship and mutual antagonism and loathing. You know an attitude like that will make market shift from what we had before coming from the white house so with purpose and resolve we turn to those tasks of our time sustained by faith driven by conviction devoted to one another in the country we love with all our hearts may god bless america and you might be naive to feel optimistic after the events of the last year but i think that there is some grants optimism this

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