Fulton County, Atlanta schools reopen despite push-back from some teachers


To class for students in the city of Decatur and Fulton County schools today. W S. Peace. Michelle write reports live Atlanta Public schools are opening their buildings for the first time this school year. Yeah, Marcie. Despite the rising coronavirus cases, a PS teachers and staff are returning to the classroom today for the first time since March, and teachers like Caitlyn, Kylie tell say that they're not real convinced it's safe yet he had our other district They're closing now, but he had the numbers. We just don't understand why they're making this decision now. But parent wherever Quarrel Sales channel to introduce its up to moms and dads to help teach their Children about staying safe, parents have to leave their tribes and you make your Children understand why it's important and they will do it. Elementary students who opted for Is to face will return on Monday.

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