Former Pro & Collegiate Basketball Player Ron Baker Shares His Leadership Lessons


Ron baker on dose of leadership to show my friend richard. Good to be here. I've listened to a couple. Well let's Earlier so big fan so we'll have to get launch and get to know each other a little more. Yeah no this is exciting For me it's great. you know. Thank you for so many. Great years as a wichita state shockers fan you gave me such joy and highlights from watching you guys. You know a few years back so it. It's fun having you on the show. Yeah that's great. Some good memories back back in those days. Glad i could be apart of. Yeah so that's interesting you move. How long have you been back in. Wichita i guess i didn't really realize you were back here in town. How long have you been back here on calling his home again. So i played a season in moscow russia. Back when hit. I believe march cedant is kind of when things really shut down over there. We got back stateside around april first. And i just live with old. Audrey made a mine here in wichita since so not even quite a year. Okay interesting well. That's good so. And i think i knew that you'd you'd gone to play a over in moscow. I can't remember that. But i if from an outsider looking in that seems like that would be kinda lonely. I don't know what is that. What was that like going over. There just would seem like so such a culture shock. I think from yards definitely a culture shock. Not really knowing what it's like over there only thing we see as a kid from kansas is what we see on movies or tv shows right seems like russia's always the intimate right reality. Is you over there in his pretty similar to your city the only differences a lot of people over there don't speak english so there's times where it was tough to communicate up to fit in but there's a lot of things to entertain you over there regardless if you can't eight the yourself which was nice ano- as traveled a lot in the marine corps. And then as you're right the more you travel the more a lot of things as it seems right perceptions but even then it's nice to put things in your perspective right and not what someone feed us forest news and i always found it working to things a little differently. Yeah for sure. And i will also found too that it made me appreciate what we have where we came from right. I mean even when you do that in the states and both coming from kansas when my kids are grown up. And i remember too i wanted to. I'm and can't wait to get out of kansas. And then i lived ten years for the most part in the west coast in southern california loved it and then kind of came back after nine eleven. And we've been here. Ever since. And i remember saying this isn't so bad i mean i think everybody should go out and experience everything else but man. It is nice i think sometimes. Kansas gets a bad rap. You know what i mean. I mean yeah right some excitement as there's nothing to do yeah but in reality there's a ton to do because you have for example new york city. Everything's on top of one another. Don't really have freedom of movement the space to do what you want. And that's kinda wear what you were saying. You come back to kansas and you take for granted we're given year Just in the state alone another thing. Is we really really start to appreciate our freedoms as far as our country allows us to do especially when you go over to those other countries across upon. Things are a lot different over there compared to here. Yeah i remember even just like little things of go into a for example even a grocery store and like here you walk into a super target or super walmart in la you have. Can you get say peanut butter. For example. they'll be ten different brands of peanut butter at the super target. A lot of times he go someplace somewhere else. There's there's one brand or maybe two in in the shelves or somewhat empty. I don't know it's just little things like that. You're right so it makes me appreciate what we do. Have your in the space especially the space in kansas like yards even in southern california's like man. Anyway want to talk about leadership with you right all right and i've always appreciated something about you from an outsider looking in not just barely knowing you knowing you a little bit one thing. I've always appreciated about. You is your level of composure. I talk about on this show. That one of the things of leadership had the foresees compose confident consistent and courageous composers always. I've always loved how you carry yourself on and off the basketball field. How intentional is that for you. I mean if you look back at your role models at your examples. Is that something that just was ingrained in you to something that you're intentional about it. You should level of composers has always stuck out to me yet. Composers a good word when it comes to leadership has when you're a leader seems like everyone's always looking at you no matter when or where Though as a athlete as myself. Regardless of where. I go i always got you know realize. There's people watching me. There's people looking up to me whether it's kids or people my age so it's always important to treat people the correct way be genuine is always kind of on a pedestal. That you're always aware you're being watched.

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