S2E90: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/20/21 - burst 27


Of you from right now. It's thirty four degrees the highest the highest. Going to be thirty seven today. The snow has stopped. Day in the sun is coming on out guys who in strasbourg. Thirty degree thirty six high. Excuse me snow this morning but it should be clear. It's clear out here. I'm not sure but at the sun should be coming out sometime today. Thirty four in newark new jersey. Forty one for the high a. Snow and this morning but it's gonna be The sun is going to come out sometime afternoon. So you guys just look at that and new york city. Thirty six degrees of forty one for the high snow this one as well but the sun's should be out around noon ish and atlanta. It's forty five degrees. if four the high end clear. Sixty three in miami seventy five for the high end fair and chicago at sixteen degrees thirty to be the hat today. And it's going to be fair as well. In louisville twenty eight degrees thirty nine for the higher partly cloudy but the sun is going to come out sometime afternoon. It's going to be a pretty pretty fair day. After that. twenty

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