64: Tell Saki - Part II

Israel Story


The soldiers who fought it. Sacchi had entered the war with youthful dilutions of glory when soldiers. You wanna do something not to kill that you wanna do something. I was It'd be happy. Because since i came to the golden there was no fighting and when you are nineteen. That's what you want to do not to shoot from your tank on barrels but shooting at suan. Thanks hallelujah but those feelings quickly changed at least thirty. Two soldiers were killed on the tail or else trying to reach it but those who managed to come home return to a different country one in morning in a collective state of depression. Few stop to acknowledge what these young men in their late teens and early twenties had gone through or to thank them for their sacrifice for years. Many of these returning soldiers went around with a deep seated. Sense of shame. Regret in pain. that is the story will be exploring today But before we dive in a word of warning just like last time this is a war story Very difficult war story and as such certain topics in descriptions may be triggering for some people and are probably not suitable for young children with that. Here is the high maitha with tells sacchi part to at around eleven. Am on october. Nineteen seventy-three the prolonged. How of the remaining soldiers at sake came to an end are so they thought game. Two two weeks later. Henry kissinger the american secretary of state brokered a ceasefire agreement that ended the war. History may record one day that the initial step towards understanding reconciliation and peace in the middle east began here at kilometer. One one as the soldiers were slowly discharged from the hospital or from their units. They returned home and tried to go on with their lives. You expect a group of florida that going together through such an event to meet each day in a bar to take a beer and to talk him. The commander of the kentucky bunker no the opposite the exact opposite. We tried very politely not to meet each other. We just as a bone everyone of those fragmented to another action. Some of us survivors like paratrooper. done on. Mogo intentionally distanced themselves. I made the decision the tim. I have to get away from the pictures as far as i can. I live now in the us. In florida while others chose to stay close not the for instance became a prominent archaeologist who has excavated numerous sites the golan. He told me that whenever he can. He likes to stop by the tail. I go there before sunsets. I sit there. And i know that this cement bunker his important part the philosophy there in these two and a half days i will shaped zine being another survivor takanaga. When even further he moved to the golan live right near the komo by for me. It's like home. Should they cut off the. That's why i moved here. And it is his story that we turn next. As a matter of fact we've already met the last time one of the most dramatic moments in the bunker. Um grenade that killed stormy exploded and injured many of the soldiers menachem e commander yelled out into the darkness. In anyone is alive. You should go out surrender. Talk one of the tank soldiers bravely volunteered and stepped outside the munger. We show. don't shoot. Don't shoot we surrender the minute he went outside. We're shooting when the stood that the series are not taking any prisoners. Knock said they're going to slaughter us was not let them the soldiers inside the bunker or sure it's been gunned down that hall of and then foaming as you can see. I'm still alive. Standing and i myself can delete them. Live reading this country's air. What may and the rest of the soldiers inside no was that it was the tax courage and resourcefulness save their lives

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