Qualcomms New Snapdragon 870


Coming soon to millions of odroid phones qualcomm has unveiled. Its new snapdragon. Eight seventy chip which has a similar design to the eight sixty five and eight sixty five plus but is clocked at three point. Two gigahertz making it about ten percent faster than the eight sixty five. Quoting the verge. Think of it almost like a snapdragon. Eight sixty five plus plus qualcomm says that the reason for the new chip is in response to manufacture market demands. The eight seventy is designed for companies that want to offer a top tier processor. But don't need the absolute best features the flagship snapdragon eight eight offers and the higher price tag that it demands instead. The company says that it expects that snapdragon eight seventy pounds should hit a sub eight hundred dollar price tag. Although confusingly we've already seen snapdragon eight eight eight phones like the seven hundred and ninety nine dollar galaxy s twenty one. Start to bleed into that range presumably. There's also a marketing aspect here. The snapdragon eight seven new branding and modest if still real speed improvements over the snapdragon eight sixty five plus mean that companies using the chip in their phones. Get a new twenty twenty one chip to boast about on spec sheets without concerns of getting looked over by customers for having an outdated or old processor eight sixty five or eight sixty five plus and quote

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