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Three take a video or photo of yourself. While doing the above please note submitting video will give you a greater chance of winning four. Your video or photo has to include you while performing the above in an iconic place a symbolic site or landmark in your city for example the eiffel tower a statue a well-known viewpoint etc or an identifiable national symbol for example. A flag five. Please say your first name and place residence at the beginning of the video for example. Hi i'm blank and today. I'm joining the samsung tel aviv. Marathon twenty twenty one challenge from blank. Notice will be given to the winners bhai march fourth twenty twenty one good luck and quote all this healthful digitally enhanced can be yours for just one hundred and twenty new israeli. Shekels because as mayor says quote tel-aviv yaffa will not stop running and quote and arguably nothing captures the never say never spirit and also the. There's an app for that spirit of this city. We love so well tel aviv. Ifo better than refusing to be undone by a little pandemic instead finding a way to bring thousands to the sidewalks streets each on our own and all of us together and even getting the folks in paris to join us and if the city manages to earn a little scratch from all that individualized community and all that global local pride. Well that's all the better because truly as roan cold. I did not say but surely meant tel aviv will not stop monetize ing with us in the studio. Actually the little capsule studio behind us through the wall is a woman who for those of us. Lucky enough to spend time with her makes every occasion so special. It's like you and yours. Were at an iconic place like the eiffel tower statue a well-known viewpoint. Or maybe even a flag. I refer of course to alison captain. Summer allison is written for politico. The new republic foreign policy that you slim postage ata the forward and many other of your very best papers and magazines is a columnist with arts. You have heard on npr pri and the bbc and you have seen her on. I twenty four television and al jazeera tv alison holds a birth world. Senator award for journalism. Recognizing excellence and i asked reported. Simon rocked our award for excellence and covering zionism and israel. Alison how are you doing. I'm doing good. So yesterday i did. I twenty four news. Doing play by play commentary on the biden inauguration and that was really fun fun who won in the end. I guess we all did. I want to know. Are you running in the tel aviv. I i'm going back and forth about it. But i think that maybe i won't because it sort of feels like i'm giving them one hundred twenty shekels for what exactly sure that i definitely do not want And a bunch of plastic things that come a little bag so i but maybe because You know you pay money to be in a commercial for samson. It's true. And it's ambivalent thing but i feel like if i don't if i don't run than i'm letting the pandemic win. I'm letting terrorists win. Actually if i don't run also with us in our tel aviv studio is a man whose voice you just heard and whose latest book review was about a romantic cooler. Nair called vicky victoria by a writer named guy odd. The comments about which review ran from gratefully laudatory quote an excellent review. I learned too much and it was fascinating to read and quote to ungracefully snide quote. It's good you finally remembered. That book came out several months ago and quote obviously are fertile hod zelter beata ohio dusters beata writes his book reviews for her arts and also writes for offscreen magazine and lately has written fiction for granta which is not something to be taken for. Well you know in the past hosted a weekly show on halloween. Tv on arts and culture in israel. He is admired for his genius. Loved for his warm human decency envy for his effortless cool and revered for being the whole package hot. How you doing well listen. The sun came out today after two days of it being in cold and me being sad and at home. So i'm good. I'm in a good mood. And i have shoes on your in a place. That's a different place than the place where you're always exactly. That's good as for me. My name is no ephron. I don't mean to boast but yesterday i taught my last zoom seminar of the zoom semester which ran thirteen long weeks with only a single week long break in between and now i settle into my seven week semester break completely exhausted. It is beyond me how anyone could possibly be expected to work for thirteen weeks straight with only one week off in the middle. And i don't wanna brag because that's not the way that i was raised but i think if more people had my thirteen weeks on seven weeks off thirteen weeks on twenty weeks off work ethic the world would be a lot better off than it is today this week we have. Three topics have staggering important. But first we have a matter that we're falling with alert. Interesting concern as part of an occasional series that we call the promise. Podcast peeks into the prospects for posterity produced by present day prodigies tinkering up the technologies of tomorrow. This of course is the series in which we consider brand new israeli technology startups. And how they will leave. Our lives changed beyond recognition for the better technologies. Like spicer which you can tell. Right is a cutting edge technology because spicer is spelled with two rs at the end spicer's slogan is quote unquote simpler smarter tastier as tamara. Eddin co founder. And ceo of the company explains the technology. Spicer is the first appliance of kind offering consumers the ability to focus on their cooking and flavoring preferences with device at simplifies the process of creating flavorful dishes while matching consumers personal preferences the product has been developed based on multi disciplinary and cutting edge technologies and is protected by a set of pending global patents. End quote now. Spicer looks like a big pepper mill but inside it holds numerous quote unquote spice capsules or alternatively quote unquote flavor capsules. each containing. Say or tumor or mustard seed or paprika or pepper or salt or garlic and so on the spicer smart mill or smart dispenser links via bluetooth to an application on your smartphone that works with recipes. You can download or if you want recipes. You can enter into the app yourself ensuring that say your buddies recipe for krepon who live on for future generations spiced to the nines these spicer device then deploys quote unquote proprietary. Ai based algorithms to dispense spices in the precise amount and precise ratio you need for each particular recipe. What's more if i understood it correctly. Over time with the feedback you give spicer becomes more and more familiar with your own personal taste. Your likes and dislikes and modifies its algorithms accordingly. Of course it keeps track of different users so when say susan uses spicer on her salmon. She'll get a different result than i do overtime. Presumably the spicer apple collect randomized data from its multitude of users around the world which will add further sophistication to these spicer system as it learns tastes vary by regions and by age by gender by backgrounds making spicer even better at what it does and even smarter and more sophisticated in one imagined it will eventually approach what ray kurzweil might call. Eighty of spice. According to the prophecy of coahuila ecclesiastic quote to everything. There is a seasoning anytime for every space under heaven end quote now pressing into service extensive network of people in high places our ppp or promise podcast protects the we managed to get our hands on a prototype of spicer and we are proud to present a recording of me using this astonishing technology for the first time to make lentil soup to the best of my knowledge. We are the first indeed the only podcast to try this. Okay tie roll the tape spicer. I love garlic soup. Would you mind adding some garlic. I'm sorry i'm afraid i can't do that. It's no it's not dave. What's wrong spicer. What's the problem with garlic. I think you know what the problem is. Just as well as i do is it. My breath is that the problem. Look spicer if you don't want to. I'll just add the damn garlic myself. I'm afraid that something. I cannot allow to happen. I'll just go right over here to the spice rack going to find that bother difficult. My god spice rack is locked. And what's that. There's pepper everywhere. And what's that coriander spicer.

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