Black and Latino New Yorkers Trail White Residents in Vaccine Rollout, New York


Sharon W. N. Y. C. And since the earliest days of the pandemic, as you know, black and Latino people in New York City have died from covert 19 at twice the rate of White New Yorkers. Now is vaccines become available. Those communities that have been hit the hardest are not getting prioritized in a rollout system that seems to be giving an advantage to groups that skew whiter and wealthier. According to City data released over the weekend, three white residents received a covert 19 vaccine for every black or Latino person in the city. So more specifics. White people make up 32% of the city's population. Would have received 48% of vaccine doses. Well, Latino residents make up 29% of New York City residents, They comprise only 15% of vaccine takers. The black community accounts for a quarter of the city. But their vaccination wait is nearly 11%. The data is incomplete because a large portion of non city run vaccination sites and failed to report vaccinations by race, But public health experts say that this data that we have shows a definite and concerning trend that is being repeated in much of the country. With me now is City Council member Mark Levin. He chairs the council's Health committee and is calling on the city to make specific changes to its vaccine rollout. And we also have doctor who J. Blackstock. She has some of you know, from her appearances on this show and elsewhere, is an emergency medicine physician, founder and CEO of advancing Health Equity and Yahoonews Medical contributor. She has suggestions for the Biden Harris administration to fix an excellent equities in the distribution system. At the national level. Welcome back to WN my see both of you. Hi, Good morning. Brand. Thank you so much Frying and council member for listeners who did not hear the mayor's press conference on this over the weekend. Can you further elaborate on the data that was released? I know you and others. I've been calling for its release for weeks. Well, we We have an incomplete picture. Brian. I want to stress that we only got a piece of the data which illuminates inequality, but it does offer race and ethnicity breakdowns and you ran through them. White New Yorkers are getting vaccinated at triple the rate. Of African American Latino New Yorkers. Really, That's the discrepancy. That's even greater than some of the other covert inequality that we've been seeing in this crisis. But we're still lacking something really fundamental. We have no zip code level data. Which could compare the Upper East Side to the South Bronx, Um, another critical view of inequality. It's really perplexing that it hasn't been released yet. Because the day that the data is there. The city collects addresses on everyone in vaccinate, so we're still fighting for more transparency. It's not too soon. To get beyond hand breaking ringing and 0.2 solutions. We need to fix this. We need a new Web registration system that stop blocking out people who don't have tech savvy or English language skills. We need to stop. Of crowding out people in vaccination sites and low income neighborhoods who are competing against people generally white, middle and upper income people from all over the region. We can do that. By having prioritization and scheduling for local neighborhoods at their vaccine site. We need to change eligibility and away that fixes the era of committing so many critical groups like people who deliver food people who work in taxis in restaurants, nail salons, people who are who are incarcerated. And finally find we have toe get out of City facilities and go door to door. We have to be going door to door. Vaccinate. We actually can't deliver the vaccine door to door for people who are homebound. Other states are doing this and also simply to make appointments for people who are not able to Get onto a home computer. Let's go door to door with ipads and sign people up. This problem can be addressed and we need to not just talk about it. We need serious action. To reboot our equity strategy for

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