Super Bowl is here. What TV should you get and what are mini-LEDs

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So let's start with some practical advice and talk about the super bowl which the sunday think actually haven't been really watching the nfl myself but let's most it's all right but for folks who actually do care and wanna watch the big game on a big tv. What are some of the top televisions you recommend. So you mentioned the biggest sharpest. Tv at the top all start by saying unlike last year the super bowl is not going to be in four this year out so fox went out and went full pulled out all the stops in in two thousand twenty for leicester super bowl and they had a four k truck they did all this great streaming and four k this year Cbs's handling it. They said we asked them. Like why. why aren't you guys doing four k. This year back the answer is with everything. Else is covert related. Apparently you know it's an issue to get everybody together and extra staff and everything to to make the fourcade production work so right off the bat. We're intended ep. Land which is fine. Still expect a four k tv So right right now again with kobe. We've had some weird things happening with the tv a inventory for example my favorite tv of the year. The tesol six series is kind of hard to find right now so my top pick for the money at the sixty five inch and larger size because hey for football you wanna go. Big is a video m series so that thing is about six hundred bucks right now. It's on sale one hundred Less than normal for the sixty five inch size A great television for the money and again at that price. It's it's pretty hard to pass up. There's really nothing that inexpensive the forms. That well i know i've got a video believes in series on your recommendation. I'm more than happy with it. So you're in good hands with cats his advice now if you had a limitless budget and let's just say hypothetically he was broadcasting this in four k or heck even eight k even further sir what was sort of what would be the the the top tier high intelligence to buy right now so that's continues to the lead roger. The oh led tv's from lg. You're my favorite the ten. Looks like when you see it printed out online that. Tv's actually on sale right now a little bit. They saved the lowest price of the year. It's actually hundred dollars more than it was in black friday but still on sale compared to regular price Sixty five inch for a two thousand dollars again. That's the best. Td on the market. If you just want to pull out all the stops that's a great television and then if you wanna go crazy this seventy seven inch size is down to its lowest price yet at thirty three hundred again again. Crazy amount of money for television. You can definitely get an eighty five inch seventy five inch. Lcd for thousands less but it's not going to perform as well as a led technology. It just has great black levels. Superb picture quality no issues with angles. Yada yada yada. It just looks great for football and everything else afterwards. That's spending Ludicrous amount of money on televisions Is a good segue to the other part of our discussion. And that's still look at this new type of television technology called many led. And i know. I had jason heiner on couple of weeks ago and he kind of gave us a kind of a quick run through but For those who weren't listened to that that episode nine on why you weren't but For for those of us who don't know what many led can certainly give us a quick definition what it is where it stands in. The hierarchy of different led televisions so many led. The first thing. I'll do is not to be confused with micro. Led so people. Make the mistake that you know many. Led mike really do the same thing. They're not annoyingly their sound. Pretty similar but micro led is very different. It's the really really crazy when you might have heard of. The samsung tv called the wall. Two hundred inches plus Samsung just announced that the latest version of it which is one hundred ten inches off and they priced it in korea. Two hundred fifty six thousand dollars in case you're interested so that's crazy crazy crazy. Expensive brand new. Tv technology really promising but a few years down the road before anybody can afford it. Many led is kind of an evolution of standard lcd tv technology so it uses smaller led back lights and tcl who i mentioned before makers of my my favorite tv right now. The tcl six series that television uses many led and it's very affordable. So what happened is is that samsung and lg pretty big names in the tv industry announced that they're also going to be selling many led's tv's so in twenty twenty one we're going to start to see an influx of competition for those televisions.

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