Nolan Arenado traded to Cardinals; Rockies to pay large share of his remaining salary


Nolan are not on trade that is official, according to John Marosi. Volume on Twitter at John Marosi is MLB network says the Rockies air paying Nolan are not those $35 million salary this season. The Rockies were paying that 15 million is owed to the Cardinals in this calendar year with the remaining 20 million deferred and as we understand it The upwards of 50 million total in this deal. The Rockies are paying. They will not have to pay all of it if no one are not O ops out. Yes. If he opts out, they won't have to pay the prorated portion beyond that s O. There's zumba relief, I guess, um But looking at the way I think the growth he said it best if you looked away that This thing plays out, Iraqis actually increase their payroll this year. I saw that by by the way, it is up working because they have to pay that salary and the added all of these prospects, they're gonna end up increasing their salary. This year. Now they'll save over the

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