A highlight from Over 100 House Members Plan to Object to Electoral College Votes

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If you haven't heard about anchor it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. it's free. There are certain creation tools that allow you to record. An edit. your podcasts right. From your phone or your computer anchor. Whoa distribute your podcasts for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many many many more. You can make money from your podcast. There's no minimal list listenership it's everything you need to make a podcast on one place. Download the anchor app today. That's anchor dot. Fm anchor dot fm. It's free to get started report. This is eric herb live. You can find me online at Erica live dot com and also anchor anchor dot. Fm forward slash. Eric live and always on twitter. Twitter dot com ports last theory curb. Show like share. Subscribe if you like this podcast and folks your donations. You're always welcome. okay. I have an update for you. this is data today. january third Twenty twenty one. This is from An article from big league politics dot com the line Says over a hundred house members plan to object to the electoral college votes. According to the white house chief of staff mark meadows one hundred members of the house representatives are planning to jacked the to the electoral college votes january. Six at the joint session of congress were not twelve over one hundred members a dozen senators ray the stand up for election integrity to jack to certification. It's time to fight and fight back Meadows wrote in a tweet According to the most recent tally forty five representatives have publicly committed To objecting during the joint session levin senators announced Saturday joining. Josh harley The republican from missouri the forgotten men and women. Speaking out in dc is waking up meadows. wrote in another tweet louie gohmert. He's representative folks of texas stated last week that one hundred and forty one re republican house members representatives plan to announce to object. So this is going to get wild folks. This is going to get crazy. This is going to get wild. We will see what happens here again. I wanted to bring that to you By a big league politics dot com This update That there is going to be lots and lots and lots of objections. republican missouri representatives jason smith billy long sam graves Vicky harland sir Said they will. They will object to protect the integrity of every vote. cast law-abiding citizen in the state of missouri. They allege some states such as georgia georgia. Nevada failed to follow their own election. Laws folks republican Pennsylvania senator guy What's his name rothmans hayler. I probably messed up the name guy. Rothen sailor damn eusler Glenn thompson mike kelly. Lloyd smucker john. Joyce fred keller also said that they would challenge votes unfortunately many of the unlawful actions undertaken by the pennsylvania. Governor's office secretary of state at what has been described as a rogue pennsylvania. Supreme court exceeded circumventing the state's legislation. State legislator clear constitutional authority. They remarked in a joint statement. Objections to electoral college. Votes have been in writing need support from one member of each congressional chamber. That's that's the rule folks. If they beat the requirement they trigger it withdraw from the joint session of congress. A two hour debate and vote in the house. A simple majority would uphold objection. Nullifying state's electoral votes are potential. Leading to the votes going to president trump instead of the democratic president elect joe biden beijing. Joe so again. I wanted to bring that to you That was breaking story today.

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