A highlight from Project Re:Joe


The monday edition. Oh should we do another live still alive. look in. let's check in live look in here. It's a monday here. In the city buildings it's high humidity day. Eighty five percent fucking brisk out there. The wind a little bit of missed. It was fucking cold. Yeah was a get. That high humidity feels like downtown. Saint paul you know in the middle of january thrown on your ice skates going there for the south around the hot dish absolutely bechicago. Right there. You want to introduce the easily continue. Oh this is the base. Laden's our power city council live look in an sponsored by basil hayden's st kentucky bourbon manages we're asking reestablished so weekend did the project and proceed with the project as originally intended. Okay my second question It handy that eleven hundred and sir One million one hundred forty thousand dollars or forty. You said that was in savings over. How many years or and how could they save that much money. We're so now in

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